Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Announcing....two things

Everyone has been bugging us to tell them the name of our baby and since I'm so close to having the baby and everyone I know who was pregnant with a girl now has had their babies we're leaking the name today. Her name is going to be.......

Portia Capri Stephens

I know...kinda different but something we agreed on pretty easily!

APRIL FOOLS!!! Ha, ha! Like I'm going to tell anyone at this point.

We do have a real announcement though that Jordan was contacted about his video for laser eye surgery and is in the Top 10. He's getting his eyes evaluated this morning to make sure he's a real candidate for the surgery. Once we know all the details we'll post them on here because we need all the votes possible. The top two videos that get the most votes get free surgery and he really really needs this. We'll be doing a big campaign and will need you and all of your friends help! More details coming soon. If you missed the video the first time here's the link to it again.


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Actually, Portia Capri is cute, even though it's not your name. You wouldn't have had to worry about me stealing your name because I have a thing against using names other people have used, or are going to use. I like my names uncommon anyway. When my friend told me about her baby being named what we were naming our baby, we switched our name.

Can't wait to find out the name!

Heather said...

Thanks for the joke. We can always count on you guys for a good april fool's day joke. I do like the name Portia.