Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slight Update

We just got back from a 2 week vacation on Sunday afternoon. Great times! We packed in so much family and friends and I'm beat! I weighed myself Monday morning and lost another 2 pounds my second week of vacation so I'm officially at 40.1 pounds - yay! Vacations are hard to stay on track and considering I mostly walked outside my second week and had some splurges due to an anniversary get away, seeing friends for dinner, going fishing and traveling I was sure surprised to see those 2 pounds gone on Monday morning. I was just hoping for no weight gain. Final weigh-in is on Thursday (I'm first one to weigh-in), my essay is due July 16th, and final results are announced August 10th. Geez louise - I'll be biting my nails for over a month! Let's hope for a good weigh-in that isn't using my scale.

I'll post all of my final stats later this week and I'm working on getting vacation pictures put up. We took some really good ones.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 16 Progress

This was one tough week. We have been on vacation since Sunday so I visited 3 gyms during the week to find one that I liked. Jordan found one on Thursday that was only $5, had all of my favorite equipment and was really new. I wish I would have found it earlier. It's easy to eat well at my house as we don't keep much around that I don't want or need to eat. There were a lot of munchies lying around so I did a little cheating but overall I did really well considering the amount of cheating/eating bad I could have done, but chose not to.

Workout Wise this week:
6/12: Free Motion Machine - 20 min. and 210 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/13: Day of Rest
6/14: Treadmill - 45 min. and 502 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/15: Treadmill - 48 min. and 505 burned.
6/16: Treadmill - 45 min. and 450 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/17: Free Motion Machine - 47 min. and 500 burned.
6/18: Free Motion Machine - 40 min. and 450 burned, stationary bike - 10 min. and 50 burned, weight lifting for 20 min.

Eating Wise:
I tried really hard to stay within my 1400 calorie limit. We all took turns cooking every night and everyone mostly cooked chicken so I just bought some spaghetti squash to go with some meals where I couldn't eat everything that was made. Overall I feel like I did pretty well considering we were on vacation. Little things like not going out for ice cream when others did and bringing my Isagenix food really helped me stay on track.

Results: 2 pounds lost. Overall 38 pounds lost and 26 to go.

I really want 2 more pounds before the weigh-in so I need to focus on getting in good workouts the rest of our vacation (another week) and eating well. I know I can do it and am so proud of how much I've accomplished the right way in 16 weeks.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 15 Progress

Workout wise this week:
6/5: Treadmill - 36 min. and 450 burned
6/6: Day of Rest
6/7: Treadmill - 22 min. and 250 burned, Free Motion Machine - 20 min. and 220 burned and weight lifting for 20 min.
6/8: Pilates - 20 min. and approx. 98 burned
6/9: Treadmill - 42 min. and 502 burned
6/10: Free Motion Machine - 42 min. and 450 burned, also lifted weights for 20 min.
6/11: Free Motion Machine - 52 min. and 510 burned

I think I strained my back on Monday while lifting because Tuesday I was in massive amounts of pain. I took it easy that night and popped a lot of Advil and later after Bunco did some Pilates. I have committed to myself to workout 6 days a week throughout the challenge so I needed to do something that day even if it was pretty light. I was worried about having a back injury or some kind of infection, but with some help it has felt much better the rest of the week. We are in the home stretch to the weigh in and I can't afford an injury now.

Diet Wise:
Trying to keep around 1400 calories a day. Most days it seemed like I ate a lot this week but only consumed around 1200 calories. Still keeping my protein intake high and have been using our slimcake cookies (fiber/fruit cookies) in the morning to keep me going until lunch time.

Results: 1 pound. Overall 36 pounds and 28 to go.

I really wanted 2 and can only figure that by accidentally not eating enough my body didn't want to lose more. Only almost 3 weeks until weigh-in and my goal is to be at 40 pounds by then. I'm trying to not be stressed about it and just hoping it will come with my hard workouts. We are on vacation the next 2 weeks so I'll be finding a gym in St. George to go to and then using my mom's treadmill while at their house. I will try and blog but our schedule is pretty packed so I might just blog with my results when I get back. We'll see how it goes.

I feel so good and getting into smaller clothes has been exciting. Shopping is really fun again. I am so proud of myself of the progress I've made in such a short amount of time.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

We had a get together on Saturday to celebration Matthew's birthday. The kids went on our waterslide and then we had a BBQ and opened presents. All in all a really fun day!

Matthew wanted green frosting for his cupcake. I can do that! About 1/2 hour before the party started he also wanted red sprinkles, but I told him that it was too late.

This IS his smile, not me torturing him. He woke up to a few more gifts today on his actual birthday.

I LOVE this picture!

He loves reading books at night so I got him this Curious George 12-book set awhile ago at Costco.

We really spoiled him this year with lots of presents, but the "BIG" present was a sandbox. He loved the one at preschool so we finally got him his own he can play with at home. Should be fun and has a cover to keep animals out.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 14 Progress

Workout wise this week:
5/29: Free Motion Machine for 5 min. (55 calories), and weight lifting for
20 min. and then went later and did the treadmill for 28 min. for 345 calories
5/30: Day of Rest
5/31: Treadmill - 30 min. and 375 calories burned
6/1: Free Motion Machine for 45 min and 475 burned and weight lifting for 20 min.
6/2: Treadmill - 20 min. and 200 calories burned (cleansing)
6/3: Pilates for 25 min. (cleansing)
6/4: Free Motion Machine - 42 min. and 450 calories burned and weight lifting for 20 min.

I'm really loving the weight circuit training. I'm already filling stronger and just hope that I'm building more muscle to help burn more calories. On Memorial Day we had a full day planned so we were up pretty early (once the kids woke up) and Jordan went running with the kids and I went to our local gym. A different way to start our Memorial Day that past years, but helped me feel great throughout the rest of the day and I was proud of us for going early and on a vacation day.

Diet Wise:
My main focus this week was finishing up my 9-day cleanse. Whew it was hard and I didn't really cheat much. I just really wanted to: 1-see if I could do it and 2-help jumpstart this last month into the home stretch. This week was really good!

Results: 2 pounds. Overall 35 pounds and 29 to go.

Almost 4 more weeks to weigh-in. I'm nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. We're also going on vacation for 2 weeks so I'll have to be even more strict while on vacation - different than usual - but good. It will be nice to finally be done with this part of my weight loss journey. No worries, I'll still blog about how it's all going and I still have lots of goals to achieve. Hoping to hit my weight loss goal by September 1 at the latest and getting super firm. I'm definitely not going back again to where I started.

I did major cleaning out of my closet and got rid of lots of old clothes that no longer fit. I needed to get some new clothes as it's getting pretty thin in my closet what I can wear. Boy is it weird but awesome at the same time to be getting into sizes I haven't seen in years. I bought a pair of pants 1 size smaller from the size I just moved into. Mynext goal is to get into those by the weigh-in. I know they'll fit because the size I'm in now fit me perfectly.