Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sick, sick, sick!

Sickness is in the house again.

We went to Utah recently for my parents 50th anniversary (Jan 10-13) and I got really sick. All us kids were going to the temple (Jan. 12) and out to eat on Saturday (no grandkids allowed) as that is how my parents wanted to celebrate their big day. I woke up that day feeling pretty crappy, but kept hoping that I would feel better. I even got ready and went to SLC with everyone, but I just couldn't do it. My sister let us borrow her car and Jordan and I drove back to my sister's where my niece was watching Matthew. I laid on their bed most of the evening and Jordan and my niece/nephew entertained Matthew for the night. Sunday morning I still felt pretty bad and had finally thrown up so I knew it wasn't in my head. I had a huge event in San Francisco last week (Jan. 16-20) and couldn't be sick as too many things had to get done. Jordan and my dad gave me a blessing and I felt better as we were flying home Sunday evening. Monday morning I was tired but felt my own self.

While I was in San Francisco at my event Matthew and Jordan both got sick. They are both fighting it still and they really need to get better soon for lots of different reasons. Matthew is fighting a really bad cough and runny nose and Jordan is fighting an overall cold and I can tell he feels crappy.

Every January no fail this all comes on. 2 years ago when I was pregnant Jordan and I both got the Flu over New Year's. Last year I had a sinus infection and Matthew was sick + had double ear infections. I don't know if it's the weather changing or all of our traveling, but inevitably sickness creeps into our house starting in January. Let's hope it skips us next year!

I'm doing laundry today to kill all the bugs. I'm really hoping it works.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Little Stitches

Matthew has the usual habit of getting into things that aren't his and causing a ruckus. The vacuum was in our room and on Sunday morning (6th) he decided to run away with the extra pipe thing from the vacuum. Jordan was trying to catch him and Matthew tripped and fell and cut his eye. It wasn't bleeding too bad, but the cut wouldn't go back together so we knew we had to go get stitches.

The bummer part about Maricopa right now there isn't a hospital. There is an urgent care but it isn't open on Sundays and only open from 8a-5p, M-F. I don't even want to get started on that dumb idea. We had to go up to Chandler and decided to go to Banner Desert which has an ER just for children.

We actually got in pretty quickly and had two options we could either get it glued or get actual stitches. We opted for the glue and the doctor was gone a long time. He finally came back and informed us that they were out of glue. How a hospital out of glue is beyond me. Our options at that point were to stitch it up or let it go and he could have a big scar. We decided to stitch.

They first had to numb the area with some numbing gel and about 15 min. after that they came in and gave him some Valium to keep him calm. They said he would get loopy, but man was it hilarious. He was so funny, just dazed and everything was hilarious to him. He kept laughing. When he was nice and loopy then came in and wrapped him in a sheet so he couldn't move and the doctor stitched him up with 2, yes 2 whole stitches. He did REALLY great when they were stitching him up. The two things that bugged him the most were his ID bracelet and the heart monitor they taped to his finger. He kept saying "off" and trying to take them off. We couldn't do so and he would scream and cry.

It seemed like so much work for a measly two stitches, but we didn't want Matthew to have a huge scar above his eye. I'm attaching loopy video that Jordan took with his phone and some pics from the next week of the "battle wound". We're learning early that he'll do whatever to get out of church. :)

You can barely see them, they are above his eye on the left

His new favorite "hat". His head is so big he has to squish this onto his head.

Always being silly!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas musings, I know, I know we're OVERDUE!


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We went to Utah for Christmas on the 17th and got back on the 31st. It's been a busy month.

We had a great time hanging out with family and friends. It's always nice though to get home to your own bed and be assured your things aren't stolen. I was worried about our stuff the whole trip. We really need to get an alarm installed.

Everything Christmas related needed to be done early this year as we were leaving on the 15th to head to Utah. We went to the Arizona Temple the evening of the 14th to see the lights as I thought it would be too cold to go to Temple Square while we were in Utah (which was true). AZ was cold enough that we had to bundle up to see the lights. I'm posting some pics that we took.

AZ Temple

Matthew and Jordan

Matthew and Me

Ray & Em and kids + Me & Matthew (Jordan took the pic)

We originally wanted to leave for Utah the afternoon of the 14th and stop in Kanab for the night and then head the rest of the way on the 15th. My work party which I had to attend ended up being on the 15th, so we decided to leave after the party and drive 4 hrs. to Paige. Please do not attempt to do this. It was a VERY dumb idea and we were so tired. Jordan was a trooper and drove the whole way. My eyes were burning all 4 hours until we arrived at 2 am. I have never loved a soft bed so much in my life. The only great part about leaving in the evening is that Matthew slept the whole way which made the next day much easier to deal with.

Jordan had to work the week of the 17th-21st and I "worked from home" meaning my mom's hosue. I dropped him off at the airport early on the 17th. What do I mean by EARLY, well let's just say that we needed to leave by 5:30 am. My parents hadn't changed the clocks back downstairs. We didn't notice what time it was until we got in the car. It was 4:30 am. I told Jordan we could go back inside, but he just wanted to get to the airport since we were already up. The poor guy is tired, then his flight was delayed so by the time Jordan got to work at 9 am he had already been up for 5 hours.

I get an email from one of my co-workers (male) on the 20th telling me I had a perishable pkg and the "team" (let's just say that by team he meant HIMSELF) was dying to open it and sample it. He was wondering if that was ok. I wrote him back and copied my boss and his boss and said you can eat any fruit, but I would like to see the chocolates and nuts first. My friend who is his boss wrote just me back and said there is nothing really perishable and no reason for us to get into it. She also told me that he said that we are all a team and should share everything. Whatever!!! I was so annoyed so I decided since Jordan was still there that he could go pick it up. My friend took it down to the front desk and Jordan picked it up. My (male) co-worker got back to his desk and realized the pkg was gone said, "where did our basket go?". This kindof thing just peeves me off. I do a lot of work with vendors as part of my job and some of the perks just happen to be Christmas when they send me things as appreciation for our business. This male co-worker has been on my team for a whole 2 months and decides that he DESERVES all of this chocolate (and he's diabetic). I learned when I got back into the office after vacation that he also said to someone else, "she (meaning me) needs to tell them that our team is bigger and to send more stuff". Like I'm going to tell my vendors anything but a thank you for the nice gift that they DON'T have to send. I do feel a little selfish, but I haven't shared with him any of the stuff just because he is acting selfish. I took a pic before I dived in (on Dec. 31st). It's from Harry & David. The moose munch was gone by the 1st. It's way too much for us to eat, but I've been sharing with friends and I'm taking some stuff to Costa Rica to share with my brother and his family in 10 days.

My yummy gift basket-15 treats were inside

We had a family Christmas party on the 22nd. Lots of good food and then the annual white elephant party. We always miss the party and I requested it be on the 22nd since we were going to be in town this year. There is a yearly gift that keeps showing up-Pablo a mexican marionette. My niece Stephanie who manages Wendy's brought it this year and so he was sporting a Wendy's red wig w/pigtails and namebadge. My mom opened him up and my brother-in-law Tom finally stole it because he has "big plans" for it next year. I wish I had taken a pic.

I volunteered to make doughnuts for dessert and mostly everyone left before they were cooked. Those that stayed got to eat some yummy doughnuts and Matthew loved them. The best part of the night was there was 1 doughnut left and I had told Matthew no more because he had been eating way too much that night. I left him at the table to go into the kitchen to do something and I hear my niece laughing. I turn around and Matthew is eating another doughnut. I said, "Matthew what are you doing?" and he just stuffed more doughnut into his mouth. It made me laugh too hard and I couldn't even get mad at him. The best part was that my niece said he looked to see if I was looking and then slowly grabbed the doughnut while I wasn't looking. You see he is already too smart for his britches.

Matthew was coloring w/Taelor before he stole the last doughnut

My mom had told me that it was snowy and cold in Utah before we came up. It snowed a lot while we were there and we even got fresh snow Christmas morning. The last few years we've been there for Christmas there hasn't been much snow and it wasn't very cold. It was so fun seeing snow again and it solidified that I hate cold weather. I like to visit it once in awhile, but I like my nice sunny weather in AZ.

Pictures from Christmas Day.

Matthew w/Grandpa Anderson reading

Matthew in his Christmas PJ's

His favorite stocking stuffer-mini magna doodle

Matthew with his cousins Mitchel and Aiden

Matthew with Grandma Anderson

All in all our Christmas Vacation was a blast. I'm sure we'll have more posts up shortly. So many things have happened lately. Matthew started day care 2 days a week and he got stitches, we went back up to Utah this weekend for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Jordan is on a work trip today/tomorrow. I leave Wednesday-Sunday for a work trip. We leave soon for Costa Rica. Our life is crazy busy and sometimes way too insane but we love it.

We hope you all had a great Holiday season and had fun ringing in the New Year. I can't believe that January is almost half over.