Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sick, sick, sick!

Sickness is in the house again.

We went to Utah recently for my parents 50th anniversary (Jan 10-13) and I got really sick. All us kids were going to the temple (Jan. 12) and out to eat on Saturday (no grandkids allowed) as that is how my parents wanted to celebrate their big day. I woke up that day feeling pretty crappy, but kept hoping that I would feel better. I even got ready and went to SLC with everyone, but I just couldn't do it. My sister let us borrow her car and Jordan and I drove back to my sister's where my niece was watching Matthew. I laid on their bed most of the evening and Jordan and my niece/nephew entertained Matthew for the night. Sunday morning I still felt pretty bad and had finally thrown up so I knew it wasn't in my head. I had a huge event in San Francisco last week (Jan. 16-20) and couldn't be sick as too many things had to get done. Jordan and my dad gave me a blessing and I felt better as we were flying home Sunday evening. Monday morning I was tired but felt my own self.

While I was in San Francisco at my event Matthew and Jordan both got sick. They are both fighting it still and they really need to get better soon for lots of different reasons. Matthew is fighting a really bad cough and runny nose and Jordan is fighting an overall cold and I can tell he feels crappy.

Every January no fail this all comes on. 2 years ago when I was pregnant Jordan and I both got the Flu over New Year's. Last year I had a sinus infection and Matthew was sick + had double ear infections. I don't know if it's the weather changing or all of our traveling, but inevitably sickness creeps into our house starting in January. Let's hope it skips us next year!

I'm doing laundry today to kill all the bugs. I'm really hoping it works.

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