Monday, April 18, 2011

Downtown Portland

Jordan has a co-worker that invited us to come hang out with them downtown and we finally were able to coordinate to go on Saturday.  We went to a couple of parks that were within walking distance from their condo and then we went to a little Italian bistro that was SO GOOD!  It was so fun and they were cool and easy to talk to.  It's also great to have insiders that live in downtown Portland and know the best places to eat.  All these pics are with our new lens - love it!

When we first arrived at the second (one with the bear) park Matthew said "this is boring, there are no toys (slides, etc.)", but then made a friend in about 2 seconds and didn't want to leave when it was time to.  I don't think city life is for me, but I can't wait to hang out again in the city when it warms up a bit.

Matthew loves to have his hood on and it was a little chilly so it was zipped too.  This pic cracks me up.

His "friend" he made.  When we were walking back after dinner he told me it was fun meeting new friends.

There was this marble bear at the park and he loved climbing on it.

We went to this "park" first that had little walk ways and a pond.  It was really cute, but I was getting so nervous because the kids trip all the time and I could see them falling in the super cold water.

There were 3 ducks that the kids kept watching.

The park where the bear was, was pretty big.  Isabelle was loving running back and forth.

I love her wind blown hair and great smile.  You know she's having fun.

Whenever we get the camera out she says "cheese", but doesn't look at us. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

I can't believe it's already been 2 years.  It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital having her.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More Isabelly

I am determined to get caught up with my scrapbooking.  I think Isabelle's 2009 is almost complete.  Here are some more layouts I worked on this weekend.  Conference is perfect to scrapbook to!  Can't wait to scrapbook her birthday.

Right at about 5 months.  These were her first days of rolling over.  It's amazing the change they go through in just 2 short years.

I made a ton of these knock-off baby legs (tutorial here) out of women's socks for Isabelle.  They are easier to put on than tights and you can change a diaper while they are wearing them and they are really easy to make.  I found some larger socks lately and need to whip up some more as the ones
I made are mostly too small now.

Isabelle is such a climber!  She has no fear - opposite of Matthew.  See that little twenty-ten?  I wrote that!  A friend of mine let me borrow their tablet where you can doodle and draw and write electronically on your layouts (it's really for artists).  It's easy to use, but harder to get the smoothness of writing down.  I swear that was about my 20th try.  I'm going to keep on practicing though.

I actually did this layout awhile ago.  Matthew got this visor at a preschool outing and Isabelle loved it because she could get it on and off so easily.  I caught her wearing it all the time. 

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Isabelle is ALMOST two!!!

In honor of Isabelle's 2nd birthday coming up in a week from Sunday here are some layouts of her!  Most of my elements come from and Ali Edward's words are a favorite of mine.  I am hoping to borrow a wacom tablet soon so I can make my own sayings to use on my scrapbook pages.  After 3 years of scrapping only boy stuff it's so fun to use pink and girlie things.

So you don't think I forget about Matthew I'm including two layouts I did today of him.  Conference is great to listen to and scrap at the same time.

These are all pics from each month in 2010

Isabelle was such a cute baby!  She's always loved food and out eats Matthew at almost every meal.  How she is still so tiny boggles my mind.  She is almost two, doesn't even weigh 25 pounds (Matthew weighed that at almost 1) and wears 18 month clothes.  This layout was based on the free template here that I tweaked quite a bit and the free kit here.

Matthew can make Isabelle laugh like crazy and here is a cute moment I captured.  My friend Kris had this layout linked  from from her blog that she took inspiration from for a layout.  I loved it so much that I took inspiration too and whipped this up in less than 30 min.  Easy Peasy!

Isabelle playing peek-a-boo on one of those nights I had the camera out for my food blog.

I really can't believe I hadn't scrapped these pics yet.  I need to look back through my blog to help me remember who was all there and what happened.  Layout is based on the free template here that I changed quite a bit.  Almost everything on my page is from Designer Digitals.

For some reason we went to the park this day.  I need to check my blog for any mentions of this too.  I think that we might have gone there before meeting up with Jordan at one of his family work get togethers.  We definitely rode the train and it was a beautiful October day.  The layout was inspired by this layout, but by the end it looks so different!