Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More Isabelly

I am determined to get caught up with my scrapbooking.  I think Isabelle's 2009 is almost complete.  Here are some more layouts I worked on this weekend.  Conference is perfect to scrapbook to!  Can't wait to scrapbook her birthday.

Right at about 5 months.  These were her first days of rolling over.  It's amazing the change they go through in just 2 short years.

I made a ton of these knock-off baby legs (tutorial here) out of women's socks for Isabelle.  They are easier to put on than tights and you can change a diaper while they are wearing them and they are really easy to make.  I found some larger socks lately and need to whip up some more as the ones
I made are mostly too small now.

Isabelle is such a climber!  She has no fear - opposite of Matthew.  See that little twenty-ten?  I wrote that!  A friend of mine let me borrow their tablet where you can doodle and draw and write electronically on your layouts (it's really for artists).  It's easy to use, but harder to get the smoothness of writing down.  I swear that was about my 20th try.  I'm going to keep on practicing though.

I actually did this layout awhile ago.  Matthew got this visor at a preschool outing and Isabelle loved it because she could get it on and off so easily.  I caught her wearing it all the time. 

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