Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Blessing and a Birthday

This blog is LONG overdue. Granted I got really sick-couldn't get out of bed sick right after the blessing/birthday and then we went on vacation for 9 days so I'm just getting to this.

June 7th we had Isabelle's blessing and incidently that is also Matthew's birthday so we celebrated his birthday the same day later in the evening. I was totally wiped out (and I think also contributed to my getting sick) by getting everything ready for two big celebrations going on the same day.

My parents attended my niece's baptism on Saturday and so they flew in late on Saturday night for the blessing and Jordan's parents drove down on Saturday and arrived Saturday night. We had a full house but it was really great having both sets of grandparents here.

Our church is at 8 am and it was pretty crazy trying to get all of us ready to go in time. I was finishing up things for after the blessing and was running pretty tight on getting there in time. I ended up sending everyone else but me and Isabelle and arrived just before Sacrament started. Jordan was sweating it thinking I was going to miss it. I knew I had extra time as our Sacrament never starts on time. Isabelle was half way through her bottle when she needed to be blessed and I was so nervous she was going to throw a huge fit. She started fussing and they kindof bounced her so she was really good and didn't make a peep. Matthew on the other hand was wound up and was sitting on my lap making lots of noise so I hardly heard the blessing. I was so mad at him. Eventually Jordan took him to the grandparents to hang out and he was being bad there so my mom took him to the nursery room to play.

After Sacrament we headed back to our house to have brunch with the parents and our friends who had come down. It was pretty crazy with everyone in our house and Matthew was awful. He was hitting and throwing things and had to go to timeout about 4 times. The last timeout was about 30 min since he had hit his friend Heston over the head with his hard Handy Manny. I was pretty frustrated with his behavior and I think he just couldn't handle knowing it was his birthday and having all of his friends over as well having his grandparents here. It was just too stimulation and so by the end he was in his room until mostly everyone left so he could settle down. Isabelle was great she slept the whole time everyone was here in her carseat.

For brunch we had breakfast casserole, zucchini bread (I found a really yummy recipe), fruit and cupcake pops. I saw these cupcake pops on a blog awhile ago and knew I wanted to make them for the blessing. Essentially you make a cake, let it cool awhile, crumble it up and then mix that with icing and form into balls (let them harden in the fridge). I stuck one side into a teeny tiny cookie cutter to make it more cupcake shaped and then dipped the bottoms into melted chocolate and turned it upside down and then stuck a sucker stick in it. Once that was dry I dipped the top in pink chocolate (white and red discs melted down from Michaels) and then sprinkled white sprinkles and stuck a pink M&M on the top. I think they turned out cute and were pretty yummy too.

I found Isabelle's blessing dress before she was even born at a Carter's store and I am a non-conformist sometimes and did a creme colored dress rather than white. I looked high and low for creme shoes that would fit Isabelle's teeny feet and finally found some at Dillard's. She looked so cute! We had to take pictures after she woke up from her nap after everyone had left so unfortunately we didn't get any pics of her with our friends. My dad and Jordan's mom were taking naps at the time we took the pics so they weren't in any pictures either.

I love this picture of Matthew kissing her. Lately he's been wanting to cuddle her and help hold her and feed her. It's so sweet seeing their interactions.


Me and My mom-love Isabelle's raised arms.

Jordan's dad took at least 10 shots and this was the best one. It's tough now with 2 wiggly kids.

I was taking a nap when Matthew put on his "wobble gobbles (goggles)" which is from the show Imagination Movers on Disney. He was trying to find something while wearing them and cracked everyone up. When I got up they asked me what wobble gobbles were and so I had to explain they were from a Disney show. This kid makes us laugh constantly.

I taught Matthew how to do 3 correctly by holding his finger with his thumb. He was so cute holding his finger down with his other hand until his thumb could hold his finger down.

Since there was so much craziness with the preparations for the blessing and birthday I decided to be lazy and make cupcakes (I like them more than cake anyways) and stuck these cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse picks into the top of the cupcakes, blew up some mickey mouse balloons, hung a mickey banner and called it good.

I had the cupcakes out while waiting for some friends to come over and it was killing Matthew. He was so excited to blow out the candles and finally dig into his cupcake. It was perfect for him and he ate it all.

He eats in the funniest ways. He was squishing his cupcake into clumps and sticking them on his finger and then eating those. He definitely does not lack in the personality department.

On Monday we extended the Celebration with the grandparents by going the the movie "Up" and out to eat. Isabelle slept the whole movie and Matthew loved it. All in all a really great weekend spent with grandparents and friends.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Museums, swim lessons, lots going on

This week has been packed with lots of going ons. We got some free passes from the library to go to the Phoenix Children's Museum and went there on Monday with EmmaLee and Adina and their kids. Tuesday I ran errands all day with Isabelle and Matthew stayed home with our babysitter. Wednesday we went to Kris's for a swim and Thursday I ran some more errands. We also started swim lessons this week so every night at 5:30 I've been taking Matthew to those. It's been a super busy week. I guess I'm trying to pack in as much as I can before I have to go back to work.

We got this little slide/pool at Target and set it up this weekend. Matthew needed something to play in at the house, especially when I go back to work as the babysitter can't take him and Isabelle to the community pool. This will be nice so they can go do this while Isabelle is sleeping.

Throwing water at Jordan.

I took these pictures while he was at swim lessons. He's in a love/hate relationship with photos and I didn't want to distract him so I sat on the opposite end of the pool and took the pics with my telephoto lens.

Monkey Walking-he loves to do this

At the Children's museum. We had a ton of fun. There are 3 floors of activities. If I didn't work I'd think about a yearly pass, but I just don't think I'd get enough use out of it since it's downtown and we could only go on Saturdays. It's pretty pricey too for a yearly pass. We did go at Christmas and this is where Matthew broke our camera. It was way less crowded this time and a great day to be there. We spent about 3 hours playing and then went to lunch. Matthew was so pooped he fell asleep on the way home, took a 2 hour nap and me and Isabelle took a nap. It was a really fun day.

Drumming on big cans.

Riding bikes.

This cool wall where you put in these wooden discs and they go every which way. Kindof like plinko on the Price is Right.

A little grocery store. Matthew loved filling up his cart, putting the items on the conveyor belt and turning the handle around to make the belt move the food to the end. We spent quite awhile there.