Friday, June 05, 2009

Museums, swim lessons, lots going on

This week has been packed with lots of going ons. We got some free passes from the library to go to the Phoenix Children's Museum and went there on Monday with EmmaLee and Adina and their kids. Tuesday I ran errands all day with Isabelle and Matthew stayed home with our babysitter. Wednesday we went to Kris's for a swim and Thursday I ran some more errands. We also started swim lessons this week so every night at 5:30 I've been taking Matthew to those. It's been a super busy week. I guess I'm trying to pack in as much as I can before I have to go back to work.

We got this little slide/pool at Target and set it up this weekend. Matthew needed something to play in at the house, especially when I go back to work as the babysitter can't take him and Isabelle to the community pool. This will be nice so they can go do this while Isabelle is sleeping.

Throwing water at Jordan.

I took these pictures while he was at swim lessons. He's in a love/hate relationship with photos and I didn't want to distract him so I sat on the opposite end of the pool and took the pics with my telephoto lens.

Monkey Walking-he loves to do this

At the Children's museum. We had a ton of fun. There are 3 floors of activities. If I didn't work I'd think about a yearly pass, but I just don't think I'd get enough use out of it since it's downtown and we could only go on Saturdays. It's pretty pricey too for a yearly pass. We did go at Christmas and this is where Matthew broke our camera. It was way less crowded this time and a great day to be there. We spent about 3 hours playing and then went to lunch. Matthew was so pooped he fell asleep on the way home, took a 2 hour nap and me and Isabelle took a nap. It was a really fun day.

Drumming on big cans.

Riding bikes.

This cool wall where you put in these wooden discs and they go every which way. Kindof like plinko on the Price is Right.

A little grocery store. Matthew loved filling up his cart, putting the items on the conveyor belt and turning the handle around to make the belt move the food to the end. We spent quite awhile there.


Jen said...

He is just too cute.

Em said...

That museum was great! I'm glad the passes worked out so we could go on the same day!

Kris said...

What a cutie. Sarah starts swim lessons in a week. I thought she would love them, but now I'm not so sure, she has recently started freaking out if she gets water in her eyes during bath where does that leave us??? We'll see. Will you be home for the 4th?

Heather said...

Looks like you are having good times at home. Love that Matthew!

Jen said...

Karin, I was blog searching and I linked to Amy Nelson's blog. Please put me out of my misery. How do I know her? Did she go to Davis?