Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swimming and other going ons

We went swimming today at a friends house and another friend came too. We had tons of fun with 9 kids and 3 moms. I was in the house trying to get Isabelle down for a nap and poor Matthew had to wait until I came out to go swimming. He waited in a chair on the sidelines watching all the kids have fun. When I finally came out he said, "Is it my turn now?" all excited. I feel bad sometimes all the things he has to wait for as Isabelle takes my time or attention. He's being a trooper though even if he is a stinker sometimes.

I bought him this floatie thing this year and it's helping him swim better. We start lessons on Monday for a few weeks. I'm excited!

Matthew ends up in the funniest positions on his bed. I just had to take a pic of him on the very end of his bed on Memorial day.

He had just woken up. He didn't eat much the day before and woke up shaky and threw up twice that morning. I think his blood sugar was low. After some saltine crackers and 7 up he was better the rest of the day. So...we had a VERY low key Memorial Day.

This is where Matthew is relegated to most of the time while potty training. We worked on it last weekend and will again this weekend. We have more Star Wars figurines as an incentive to not pee his pants. I know he knows what he's doing because he'll go hide and pee his pants. This weekend he hid behind our rocking chair, under the table, in the pantry, in his room where he would promptly pee his pants. He won't outright pee right in front of us. It's the trick of catching him and making him go potty. We are going to be better this weekend about sticking to him like glue so he can't hide to do his business.

After church on Sunday. I love this yellow dress from Pottery Barn that I bought just after finding out I was having a girl. I think it was originally a $45-$60 dress that I got for about $10. I love deals like that!

She is really starting to smile and it is just so cute!


Heather said...

Good luck with the training. Give me all your tips!
Isabelle is darling!

Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Wow! I got behind! So much cute stuff happening. Good luck with the potty training. We're in the beginning stages with Kiersa but have quite a ways to go. Sounds like you'll be done soon though. Love the adorable pictures of Isabelle and also of Matthew in the pool.