Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Wars

We've been watching Star Wars Episodes 4 & 5 on Friday nights the last couple of weeks and Matthew LOVES these movies. They have everything that is right up his alley-pew pews (guns), super swords (light sabers) and lots of action. Jordan and Matthew ran to a store called Frys Electronics on Saturday and the passageway to get to the checkout stands is super long and full of enticing items. Jordan found these cute little star wars guys for Matthew to help him be good. They are the perfect first action figures for him to play with.

I think these guys are so adorable. We need to find more.

On the Isabelle front, she has been breathing really fast since she was born (which I just kindof thought was her) and so the ped last week wanted to get some tests done to rule out some things (nothing too serious). We went for an xray last week of her chest and then the next day an upper GI barium test. Isabelle had to drink this barium liquid while they took xrays to make sure the liquid went into the right places. Everything looked good on both xrays. Isabelle frequently either starts choking or can't catch her breath while eating and has to come off and catch her breath or cough the liquid out. This might point to a reflux problem. We are going to see a pediatric pulmonology specialist on Wednesday to see if she can figure out if there really is a problem or not. Wish us luck.

I'm just glad I'm on maternity leave as it takes at least 1/2 the day to do these appointments. Our babysitter has been great to come and play with Matthew so I can run errands and do these appointments. It's much easier not to have to entertain and worry/stress out about what Matthew is doing.


Heather said...

Good luck with Miss Isabelle. I'm sure everything will be fine.
I'm loving those pictures. I want your camera. What is it again? I know you've told me before.
Your mom came to book club with us last week, and it was fun to have her and get updates on your fam. Looking forward to your visit in July and meeting sweet Isabelle!

Kris H said...

those are fun SW figures! I want to check out Fry's sometime...when Jordan teases about DD, we should tease him about haniging out with the techie geeks at Fry's

Bitter Larry said...

Heather - we have a Sony A-200.

Kris - I know I'm a nerd sometimes, but Karin won't tease me about it too much because then that would mean she married a nerd!