Saturday, May 09, 2009

Are You Talking to Me?

We've slacked on posting Isabelle pictures lately, but we'll try to make up for that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I (Jordan) wanted to post something that Matthew said today that cracked me up. We were at Target (just the two of us, doing some last-minute Mother's Day shopping), and we were in the cameras/video games/music/movies section (I'm sure there's a more concise way to say that) after a long and difficult journey through the toy area. Matthew got particularly hung up on the aisle that had little "plug-and-play" video game controllers and wasn't too happy when I made him move on. Anyway, as we stood there near the camera area, a girl who works at Target walked past us and asked someone else, "Can I help you?", to which Matthew replied, "Yeah. I want a game." Killed me.

It's fairly amazing (and a little scary) how much of a sponge a kid that age can be and how fast his language skills are developing at this point. Right after that, he led me to another part of that section, pointed to a big poster of that Despereaux movie, and said, "Can you help me find that super-sword one? I can't see it anywhere."

Nothing remarkable about that in-and-of-itself, I know, but it was kind of that moment for me where I realized that my little boy has sort of crossed over into a different stage in his life.


Heather said...

He's very resourceful, that Matthew.

Brent said...

We love the story! Soooooo funny.