Monday, May 04, 2009

All by Myself

So this is the new mantra at our house-decided by Matthew. He now wants to do everything "all by myself". We can actually use this against him now! If I want his hands washed (he hates me to do it), I'll ask him if he can go wash his hands all by himself and he'll go do it. He might get water everywhere and all over himself but he does it.

Sometimes it's not so great when for instance he wants to pour his own orange juice or do other things that will make quite the mess. There are some things I don't want him to do yet by himself and that makes for quite the tantrums and crying.

We're still working on potty training and if he wants to watch any shows or movie he has to "try" and go potty. It's worked 3 times today so maybe that's the button we had to push. I also told him this morning that he had his own potty and to try and go all by himself. He tried twice this morning because he was motivated to watch Mickey Mouse and to do it by himself. He wanted to watch Spongebob this afternoon and I said what do you need to do first to watch Spongebob and he said go pee pee and then headed right into the bathroom. He'll get a treat and to play computer games when he actually poops or pees on the toilet. I know he'll eventually get it. It might take 2 years but he'll eventually learn. I'll be mortified if he heads into sunbeams in January not being potty trained.

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maelynn said...

Wow, potty training AND a newborn? YOU'RE brave!☺
Little Isabelle is adorable...I ♥ all her dark silky hair!
It was fun seeing you last night!
Good luck with everything!