Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Little Stitches

Matthew has the usual habit of getting into things that aren't his and causing a ruckus. The vacuum was in our room and on Sunday morning (6th) he decided to run away with the extra pipe thing from the vacuum. Jordan was trying to catch him and Matthew tripped and fell and cut his eye. It wasn't bleeding too bad, but the cut wouldn't go back together so we knew we had to go get stitches.

The bummer part about Maricopa right now there isn't a hospital. There is an urgent care but it isn't open on Sundays and only open from 8a-5p, M-F. I don't even want to get started on that dumb idea. We had to go up to Chandler and decided to go to Banner Desert which has an ER just for children.

We actually got in pretty quickly and had two options we could either get it glued or get actual stitches. We opted for the glue and the doctor was gone a long time. He finally came back and informed us that they were out of glue. How a hospital out of glue is beyond me. Our options at that point were to stitch it up or let it go and he could have a big scar. We decided to stitch.

They first had to numb the area with some numbing gel and about 15 min. after that they came in and gave him some Valium to keep him calm. They said he would get loopy, but man was it hilarious. He was so funny, just dazed and everything was hilarious to him. He kept laughing. When he was nice and loopy then came in and wrapped him in a sheet so he couldn't move and the doctor stitched him up with 2, yes 2 whole stitches. He did REALLY great when they were stitching him up. The two things that bugged him the most were his ID bracelet and the heart monitor they taped to his finger. He kept saying "off" and trying to take them off. We couldn't do so and he would scream and cry.

It seemed like so much work for a measly two stitches, but we didn't want Matthew to have a huge scar above his eye. I'm attaching loopy video that Jordan took with his phone and some pics from the next week of the "battle wound". We're learning early that he'll do whatever to get out of church. :)

You can barely see them, they are above his eye on the left

His new favorite "hat". His head is so big he has to squish this onto his head.

Always being silly!


Heather said...

The videos are hilarious! He is such a cute kid. Wish we could meet him soon.

monica said...

What a big boy! I can't believe it. And just look at all that hair!