Friday, June 04, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 14 Progress

Workout wise this week:
5/29: Free Motion Machine for 5 min. (55 calories), and weight lifting for
20 min. and then went later and did the treadmill for 28 min. for 345 calories
5/30: Day of Rest
5/31: Treadmill - 30 min. and 375 calories burned
6/1: Free Motion Machine for 45 min and 475 burned and weight lifting for 20 min.
6/2: Treadmill - 20 min. and 200 calories burned (cleansing)
6/3: Pilates for 25 min. (cleansing)
6/4: Free Motion Machine - 42 min. and 450 calories burned and weight lifting for 20 min.

I'm really loving the weight circuit training. I'm already filling stronger and just hope that I'm building more muscle to help burn more calories. On Memorial Day we had a full day planned so we were up pretty early (once the kids woke up) and Jordan went running with the kids and I went to our local gym. A different way to start our Memorial Day that past years, but helped me feel great throughout the rest of the day and I was proud of us for going early and on a vacation day.

Diet Wise:
My main focus this week was finishing up my 9-day cleanse. Whew it was hard and I didn't really cheat much. I just really wanted to: 1-see if I could do it and 2-help jumpstart this last month into the home stretch. This week was really good!

Results: 2 pounds. Overall 35 pounds and 29 to go.

Almost 4 more weeks to weigh-in. I'm nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. We're also going on vacation for 2 weeks so I'll have to be even more strict while on vacation - different than usual - but good. It will be nice to finally be done with this part of my weight loss journey. No worries, I'll still blog about how it's all going and I still have lots of goals to achieve. Hoping to hit my weight loss goal by September 1 at the latest and getting super firm. I'm definitely not going back again to where I started.

I did major cleaning out of my closet and got rid of lots of old clothes that no longer fit. I needed to get some new clothes as it's getting pretty thin in my closet what I can wear. Boy is it weird but awesome at the same time to be getting into sizes I haven't seen in years. I bought a pair of pants 1 size smaller from the size I just moved into. Mynext goal is to get into those by the weigh-in. I know they'll fit because the size I'm in now fit me perfectly.


Em said...

You look great! I'm so impressed!

Heather said...

Good work! Will we get to see you this visit?