Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 16 Progress

This was one tough week. We have been on vacation since Sunday so I visited 3 gyms during the week to find one that I liked. Jordan found one on Thursday that was only $5, had all of my favorite equipment and was really new. I wish I would have found it earlier. It's easy to eat well at my house as we don't keep much around that I don't want or need to eat. There were a lot of munchies lying around so I did a little cheating but overall I did really well considering the amount of cheating/eating bad I could have done, but chose not to.

Workout Wise this week:
6/12: Free Motion Machine - 20 min. and 210 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/13: Day of Rest
6/14: Treadmill - 45 min. and 502 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/15: Treadmill - 48 min. and 505 burned.
6/16: Treadmill - 45 min. and 450 burned. Weight training for 20 min.
6/17: Free Motion Machine - 47 min. and 500 burned.
6/18: Free Motion Machine - 40 min. and 450 burned, stationary bike - 10 min. and 50 burned, weight lifting for 20 min.

Eating Wise:
I tried really hard to stay within my 1400 calorie limit. We all took turns cooking every night and everyone mostly cooked chicken so I just bought some spaghetti squash to go with some meals where I couldn't eat everything that was made. Overall I feel like I did pretty well considering we were on vacation. Little things like not going out for ice cream when others did and bringing my Isagenix food really helped me stay on track.

Results: 2 pounds lost. Overall 38 pounds lost and 26 to go.

I really want 2 more pounds before the weigh-in so I need to focus on getting in good workouts the rest of our vacation (another week) and eating well. I know I can do it and am so proud of how much I've accomplished the right way in 16 weeks.


Jen said...

You are rockin this competition.

Sam and Brent said...

Karin the Machine! Seriously, you are awesome! I can't believe (well, I can believe it, but it's really impressive!) that you're on vacation and you still lost two pounds! I can't wait to hear the results of your competition! And I can't wait to see current pictures!

Kari said...

I saw Karin yesterday, and she looks awesome!! Even if you stopped now, you've accomplished what most people never can, so congratulations!!