Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We ended up leaving the hospital on Sunday and all of the staff thought we were crazy! My parents were at home to help with Matthew and I was feeling pretty good so we left after being there a little over 2 days. We were bored there and just wanted to be home with everyone. My Dr. told me yesterday when I got my staples out that I was very rare and most people want to be in the hospital for 4 or 5 days. I'm in a little pain but as long as I stay on top of my medicine then I feel pretty good.

Getting ready to leave the hospital. I found a cute girlie carseat cover and love it! Isabelle already loves her binkie.

I had forgotten how much newborns sleep. Isabelle has been a great sleeper and eater since she arrived into this world. I am breastfeeding and she got in my milk in before I left the hospital. Although I am tired she's doing really good and has gained a little bit of weight. We went to the pediatrician yesterday and she's at 7 pds 3 oz. so she's gaining some weight back.

Isabelle had pulled the covers over her head last night-silly girl!

Isabelle is so petite and seems so much smaller than Matthew ever was. He was born at 8 pds 12 oz., left the hospital at 8 pds 1 oz. and was almost back at his birth weight by the time we had his first check-up. He gained weight very quickly and was at 12 pds by 1 month I think.

I love Isabelle's little ears, tiny nose, fingers, toes and teeny tiny little mouth. I know she won't stay this way very long so I'm trying to just enjoy this newborn time. Right now we are feeding on demand and it will be nice in a couple of weeks when we can get into a routine. I'm hoping she'll be the kind of baby that will love a routine. She's pretty mellow so far and really only wimpers or cries when she's hungry and I don't get her quick enough or is naked. She really doesn't care if she's poopy or wet. Yesterday she had her first sponge bath and even though she didn't cry I could tell she was cold and didn't really love it. It will be better when I can give her a real bath once her cord falls off.

Poor girl-freezing even though the sponge was warm and I was washing her off with warm water. Her hair poofed out everywhere once it was dry.

My feet and legs are huge and swollen and I'm hoping this water weight disappears quickly. I'm sick of my feet hurting.

Super sweet photo I took of her this afternoon. She loves her little onesie dress gowns. They keep her super warm.


Heather said...

So so cute! She just looks precious! I'm glad your recovery is going well. Ohhh, I want to snuggle her! Give Matthew a smooch from us!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful. Thanks for the pictures. It's just hard not to be able to
reach out and hold her. I hope that happens soon.
Grandma Stephens

Jen said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations - I hope you guys come up for the summer so I get see her.

Em said...

I can see some Jordan in her - more so than Matthew.