Friday, April 03, 2009

1 week to go

It was so weird to leave work last night knowing it was going to be July until I sat back at my desk. I had a long list of laundry items to get done before next Wednesday (technically my last day of work) and finished everything today but two small items. I'm hoping that I can just take care of questions/problems that arise next week and finish the few things I have to get done. I also wanted to make sure the bulk of my work was done in case something happened this weekend (which I hope doesn't).

Yesterday was also my last Dr.'s appt and it felt great knowing I don't need to go back in again and that I'm in the home stretch. I really am getting ready and can't wait to be done with this achy back and swollen feet. I know I'm trading those in for other pains and sleepless nights but I'm ready to meet this new little member of our family.

I've been feeling pretty blessed lately and am starting to feel weepy at little things. I've been pretty unemotional during this whole pregnancy but I think the reality of what's going to happen is finally getting to me. I had a surprise shower at work on Tuesday and the marketing group gave me some cute things and a nice GC to Target. I also got a really nice check from the owner of our company that I directly worked for-for a few years. Yesterday when I got into work there was a bag from Pumpkin Patch sitting on my desk. Inside was a cute box with a blanket, super cute hat and a very generous GC. Pumpkin Patch is one of my favorite stores in the mall, but I only really go there when there are sales because it's kindof pricey so I'm excited to spend that GC in the future.

I feel so blessed to work where I do that is flexible with my family life and have been so great to me during my pregnancy and especially recently. We really feel blessed as well with our babysitter situation and only hope that it can continue for awhile longer. Matthew loves our babysitter and she's so good for him and also enforces the limits that we place on certain things. He gets to stay at our house where he is comfortable, but also goes over to her house (she lives close) to play with her little brother and sister who are close to Matthew's age. Overall it's a really great situtation for us for now.

We have just a couple of things to wrap up this weekend and then I'll feel set and ready to go for next weekend. My butterfly poster came for her room and is in it's frame. It looks so good and I'm very happy with how it turned out and proud of myself for creating a cool work of art. My parents are coming on Thursday so that will be nice to have them here to look after Matthew and keep him company while we are at the hospital. I'm so excited for him to meet his sister. We had him tell her tonight that he's excited to meet her soon. He was also being crazy tonight so I had him tell her that he was her crazy big brother :).

Please don't forget to vote for Jordan. That would be an amazing blessing for him to be able to see 24-7 and not have to worry about his blindness right before/after he goes to bed or wakes up. He does so much for me and our family and has been carrying the brunt of the work lately so this would also be a great gift for all of his hard work. The procedure he would get would be permanent contacts so it's probably an even more expensive procedure that we can't afford right now. The procedure would also be by the Dr. who does the Suns/Cardinals procedures and is no $500 per eye doc. See the posts below if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm excited to post pictures of our newest arrival and have all of you meet her. The countdown is on!!!

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