Thursday, April 09, 2009

Less than 24 hours and counting....

I am....

-Anxious to meet our daughter.

-Wondering what she is going to look like. Will she have lots of hair like Matthew? I have had lots of heartburn (flavored Tums are pretty yummy) so if the wives tale is true (it was with Matthew) then she should have lots of hair. Will she look like Matthew?

-Nervous about surgery. Am I going to throw up in the operating room or recovery area? Will the spinal block and needle hurt? It's supposedly smaller than an epidural needle which was the absolute worst part of my whole hospital experience with Matthew. It hurt like he**, took 2 tries, didn't work on half of me, and I wanted to curse the Anesthesiologist out. I was so happy when I got the spinal block for my c-section and was finally out of pain (did I tell you I HATE pain?).

-Hoping for an easy recovery from surgery. I took so long to recover with Matthew because of pure exhaustion. I hadn't slept for over 36 hours when he was finally born and it felt like recovering from just exhaustion took forever. I am hoping since this is planned it will go smoother.

-Wondering how breastfeeding will go the 2nd time around. Matthew was so easy to feed and switched back and forth from me to a pumped bottle and a binkie very easily.

-Hoping she is going to be an easy going baby. Will she take a binkie? What is her personality going to be? Will she be a snuggler? Matthew really wasn't a snuggler, but was a pretty happy easy baby.

-Very worried about this transition with Matthew and the baby. How is he going to react to the change? Is he going to like her? Is he going to be nice to her? Is he going to be mean and grumpy which he has been lately.

-Worried about how I'm going to handle a toddler in the middle of his terrible twos/almost threes and newborn on my own just over a week after having surgery.

-Excited to have a daughter and pink domination!

-Looking forward to the couple of vacations we have planned while I am on maternity leave. It will be nice to get away and see family and to have them meet the newest addition.

-Praying that my grandma will not pass away before we can see her this summer. Her health has been up and down lately.

-Happy that my parents are coming into town today to help out with Matthew and the baby. It will be nice to have someone else here to give Matthew lots of attention. He loves Grandma & Papa!

-Wondering if this will be my last pregnancy. We won't know for a few years if we are going to add to our family. Our life is crazy enough as it is with me working and going out of town sometimes for work and a third child might send me/us (mostly me) over the edge.

-So glad to have almost 3 months off from work to enjoy the beginnings of her life. I didn't get to do that with Matthew and am glad we can all adjust together at home for a few months.

-Feeling so very blessed to have a supportive and loving husband to share this change in life and journey with.


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

I've very excited for you and I hope for the best. The tums thing wasn't true for Kiersa. I had terrible heartburn and she was nearly bald. I had a bad epidural this time around, but yours sounds even worse. I think I'd be glad too I were you to just go in on a schedule and have the baby out. My friend did that and her baby was born within a half hour or something small like that after arriving at the hospital. Good luck!

Em said...

Good Luck tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you. Let us know when you're ready for us to come see her!

Melisse Myers said...

I'll be praying for you. Excited for you to experience a girl... and well just having 2 (one of each is the best!). Although it won't be easy, ENJOY the next 12 months as much as you can--it goes by soooo fast--too fast and before you know it you won't have ANY signs of babies in the house anymore. I never thought I'd miss the baby days, but now I am a little. Why does time pass so fast??