Sunday, April 05, 2009

Matthew knows something is up!

We are pretty sure that Matthew can feel something is up. He has been acting up all weekend long-he hasn't been obeying, he's doing naughty things, he throws out of control fits for unreasonable reasons and on top of that he's come down with a cold...and he had a bloody nose today.....ergghhh!!!

Anyways, the poor kid has also been cooped up most of the weekend because of General Conference and this afternoon after the last session Jordan took him out in the back to play outside. I wandered out and started taking pics. Matthew had a blast in the dirt and got quite dirty. Jordan brought him inside and gave him a bath and I decided to do some quick layouts of the pics because I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do.

While working on the layouts our friends Todd & Briana (they live around the corner and Matthew adores them) stopped by to give Matthew a gift they had picked up on their cruise. They ended up taking him to see the ducks that wander the lake by our rec area and then across the street to the park. They stayed for dinner (yummy biscuits and gravy) that they ended up helping cook and got to witness the great side of Matthew having a meltdown because I ate part of his biscuit (which he wasn't eating). He ended up in timeout and promptly fell asleep and is out for the night.

All in all an ok weekend. We got a lot accomplished and things set-up and washed. I just need to pack my bags and steralize some bottles and finish up 1 work item and we'll be good to go. Dealing with Matthew and a new baby is for sure going to be interesting.

Layouts below and pic of Matthew asleep in the hall.

Matthew loves the squirt bottle and generally just playing in water. I love capturing sweet moments between these two. He is especially attached to Jordan lately and is pretty sad when he wakes up in the morning and Jordan has already left for work. Jordan went running yesterday and Matthew cried and cried big fat tears because he wanted to run with Daddy too but couldn't.

It was such nice weather today. This is why I love Arizona. It's been snowing and 40 in Utah and I get 80+ weather. My parents are coming just at the right time.

Journaling says:

Anatomy of an ordinary day played outside.
1. Pile dirt onto your feet.
2. Carry dirt from one place to another and throw it all around.
3. Put weeds into your water wheel and push around and around, repeat.
4. Rub dirt into your white shirt (one guess who decided to put him in a white shirt to play outside)
5. Spray daddy with water, run away from daddy and then spray him again.
6. Have a great time out in the sunshine.

Poor kid pooped and worn out from a long fun day!

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Heather said...

Matthew is such a cute boy. GOOD LUCK!