Monday, April 06, 2009

Inside-Out Pizza Rolls

I saw this recipe in the Rachael Ray magazine and it looked pretty easy so we bought some whole wheat pizza dough the other day at Fresh & Easy (love that store) and I made the meat filling this afternoon. Easy to put together and pretty yummy! I think this would pass the test for anyone who has picky eaters in their home (especially you Tiana).

Anyways, you could make your own dough (they include the recipe) and if you really want to cut corners you could use some nice thick bottled meat sauce. I liked making the meat sauce at home because I had the ingredients in my fridge that needed to be used up and I have plenty of leftovers to have spaghetti w/this sauce on Wednesday and possibly even have more leftover to freeze and make this recipe again. I also did not cube my mozzarella but had already shredded mozzarella in my fridge and used that. I think that is a better idea-if you like super cheesy I would double the cheese if I were you, it wasn't super cheesy (which I liked). You could do a cheese layer, meat layer, and then more cheese over the meat layer.

Also, if you have BIG eaters at your house you would either need to do a side salad to go with this or make a second roll. Jordan went running after work and got back late so we ate a late dinner and only had this-we're lame like that. My mom would be disappointed we didn't have a salad or more vege's on the side (there were onions, carrots, and a red pepper in our meat filling-so I figured I was covered) to go with dinner. :)

I'm wondering how this would be in a BBQ style with chicken, red onions, and mushrooms cooked in a BBQ sauce spread over mozzarella cheese. We might have to try that alternative.

So just an idea if you need one for your picky family or are just looking for something new to try.

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