Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Biggest Loser

We (mostly I) love this show and it's amazing the transformations that happen at the ranch. If you've never seen this show it follows a group of overweight people who go to a ranch to change their life and lose weight. Each week 1 person gets kicked off and the finale is 4 people and the one who loses the biggest % of weight gets $250K.

Anyways, there are these polynesian cousins this year that we've been following and I've really liked and rooted for from the beginning. Someone in my Bunco group early on said 1 of them was in someone's ward in Mesa that she knew. There were also hints here and there that I picked up on that they were Mormon and was pretty sure they were both from AZ.

1 of the cousins-Sione got booted last night and as we were watching the homecoming part at the end of the show I recognized his mom but initially couldn't place where from and then I saw in the background our home teacher. I finally figured out that his mom used to be in our ward and I had helped her with a project at an enrichment Super Saturday. She had brought me a little bag she had made for Matthew the next day at church as a thank you.

I asked Jordan to call our home teacher and ask what was up. He is Sione's brother-in-law (Sione is married to his sister) and told us that Sione lives in a ward in our town. Also, that episode was taped in February so not that long ago. We're so curious to see if we run into them here. Pretty cool-huh!

You can see his transformation here:


Heather said...

Okay so I watched the end of that episode too, and I was totally thinking that his house looked like it would fit into your neighborhood. I'll have to tell Tammy C. at work because she loves that show too.
Today is the big day! I'm thinking of you! Can't wait to meet her!

Heather said...

Oh wait, tomorrow is the big day. I'm still thinking of you! Good luck!