Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since Matthew was our first, we didn't really have a track record in terms of what our kids look like. We have been very curious as a result about whether Isabelle would look a lot like Matthew or really different. When I (Jordan - have to tell you that since Karin usually posts here) first saw Isabelle, at the time a bit slimy and a bit purple, I thought she looked a lot like Matthew did. I still do, although now I see some little differences, too, when I put the two side-by-side. Isabelle is on the left and Matthew on the right:

Just a little bit of an update from Karin:
-Our day started off stressful because I forgot my ID/insurance info and didn't realize it until we were halfway to the hospital. We had to turn around and go get it as we didn't know if they would admit me with it or not. We ended up being 20 min. late, but had called. In the end I didn't even need it.
-My IV took 3 tries, since the first 2 blew once they were in. I have a huge bruise on one of my arms.
-I had to drink this stuff right before surgery that was HORRIBLE to help neutralize my stomach in case I threw up which of course I did.
-The spinal block wasn't too bad. I did feel the needle the first time it went in (you get a local painkiller first which didn't work completely). I was shivering out of control and they got me warm blankets which helped and then of course I threw up a couple of times. I was yelling that I was going to throw up the first time and even Jordan heard that while he was in the hall and giggled at me. I wanted to make sure I got something in time before I barfed.
-Once they started the first incision it was about 6 min. before she was out. It totally made me cry once I saw her and at first she was having a hard time expelling crap from her lungs (usual for c-section babies) so I was worried about her, but they took her to the nursery and Jordan went with her while I finished getting sewn up. She was doing great once they brought her into the recovery room with me.
-They didn't have any regular rooms available so I was in the recovery area for quite awhile-until just after 2 and was pretty nauseous and dizzy from the morphine and threw up 2-3 more times.
-I was pretty out of it the rest of the day. I felt bad when my parents and Matthew came to visit after going to the zoo as I could barely keep my eyes open. Matthew looked at Isabelle and then was just interested in his toy my parents had bought him.
-I finally started feeling better in the evening and that's when Isabelle decided she wanted to feed constantly until 1:30 am. We finally got a binkie at that time and got her to go to sleep so we could get in a bit of rest. They had me up at 5:00 am to walk so I didn't get much sleep last night.
-This morning my nurse gave me 2 percosets and I got super dizzy again which lasted for a few hours. I'm finally feeling better this afternoon. They took my IV out, my bandage off the incision, and I got to take a shower which felt great!
-I'm doing better than I thought and my nurse this morning (who is awesome) said that I'm doing really well and will probably get to go home tomorrow. I really hope so! I just want to be at home with Matthew and my parents. The hospital is getting old and boring already and my bum hurts from just sitting on this bed. ABC Family has been our best friend today.


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Boy they look really similar don't they?! I'm glad everything went well overall. It's always a bit worrying until it's all over. I love all the hair!

Em said...

It was fun to see her! I love the dark hair, and my kids have already made a mii of her! Glad you're home now - hopefully you can get some rest!