Monday, April 20, 2009

10 days post birth

-Isabelle is regularly eating about every 3 hours. Pretty sleepy still and falls asleep every time she eats.

-Isabelle is a peeing and pooping machine. She has peed on us more in the last 10 days than Matthew ever did. Matthew maybe peed on me a total of 2 times ever. I think she must just get super relaxed when her diaper is off.

-I'm off my pain medicine and feeling way better than I thought I would 10 days after surgery. A week ago there were definitely not going to be any additional children in our future but now there's a slight "maybe" to 1 more child. We'll see.

-Matthew has been so great with Isabelle. He wants to see her, calls her "so cute" and is really gentle so far with her. I'm pretty impressed. He even finally held her today. Of course in the waiting room at the lab place and I didn't have my camera.

-We'll be starting the baby wise schedule system with Isabelle soon. We did it with Matthew and it worked wonders. He was a super happy baby and could put himself to sleep. Looking forward to starting this in a few days.

-Had Isabelle's follow-up PKU test today. I made Jordan take her in to get poked as I hate when babies cry from being poked. She was NOT happy! We took our first outing as a family of 4 and both kids did great! Our car was full.

-I am sleep deprived but somehow getting through it.

-I finally painted my toenails yesterday. Simple things like that make me happy.

-The swelling and water weight is slowly disappearing. My feet look somewhat normal today.

-We are now a family of 4 which seems so weird to say.

-We are attempting to potty train Matthew and are hoping that bribery with computer games will work. So far no luck he just chooses something else to do. Would I be an evil mom if I played his favorite games in front of him? Man is this kid stubborn....wonder who he gets it from.

Isabelle does this 1 eye open thing. She'll either have 1 eye close later when going to sleep than the other or 1 eye opens sooner when waking up. She was drifing off to no mans land here. I love this cute bow/headband that I got as a gift. It doesn't squish her head and is super stretchy.


Em said...

That is a cute bow! I want one for Brynlee!

Flwrgirl said...


Go to and you can customize your own bows.

Brent said...

I'm so happy that you are feeling better, and that Isabelle is doing so good. Can't wait to see you!