Monday, March 16, 2009

About three weeks ago, I was driving home listening to my usual sports talk station, and they announced a video contest sponsored by the Suns' team opthamologist promising free laser eye surgery to the winner. I've been wanting to have my eyes zapped for a few years now that my prescription has stabilized somewhere on the precipice of legal blindness, but I admittedly have not made it a budgetary priority. Maybe I've been waiting for prices to drop like they would on electronics, although when it comes to having someone take a laser to your eyes, I'm not sure you should chase discounts.

I waited until just about the last minute, to the point that Karin thought I wasn't going to follow through, but after camera/voice-over help from Ray during a lunch break, I threw this together. It's not exactly the work of Peter Jackson, but it might be on about the same level Dude, Where's My Car? (although maybe a tad better because the pain lasts exactly 60 seconds - due to the limitations of this contest - vs. 90 minutes).

Now I await the judges' ruling. Someone is going to pick a top 10, and then people registered on the site ( will vote on the winner. I guess the top 2 will actually get the surgery, which gives me a sliver of hope given that I'm up against a firefighter who plays the "Would you want a guy with foggy glasses at night trying to put out a fire in your house?" card and kids wanting to give back to their selfless parents. I don't really have a good sympathy play here, so I'll have to rely on the Hollywood-quality production of my little movie. I mean, a lot more people saw Transformers than I Am Sam.

This is actually the second movie Ray and I have done and certainly can't hold a candle to the first. The Sock (written and directed by Ray and acted by me and an old sock), saw a very, very, very limited release sometime in 1996 I think and is now in the vault (OK, we can't find it).

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Em said...

I witnessed the creation of the original story board for "The Sock" one very, very late night. It was a thing of beauty!