Friday, March 13, 2009

4 weeks to go

4 weeks today and around this time she should have already been here for a few hours. We are pretty close to being ready. I've completed her album, am almost done with my bosses wedding album, and we just have a few things to wrap up like our HUGE project of cleaning out the craft room and turning it into a guest room. We're tackling that tomorrow-I'm really hoping we can finish that project tomorrow and not have it drag on for a few more weeks. My brother-in-law is coming down in 2 weeks to go to Spring Training games with Jordan so it definitely needs to be done by then.

I need to get the baby announcement designed and ready to drop in her pic and all the envelopes ready to be mailed out and then a couple of additional things purchased and we'll be ready to go. I've already picked a couple of outfits and bows to choose from for her to come home in, have blankets and burp cloths ready to go. I just need to figure out the things that I am going to need for myself at the hospital. At least this time I have a better idea of what I'll need. I'm getting anxious to meet this little one and just hope I can remember how to do everything that I did 3 years ago.

I was working in the other room just a bit ago and saw Matthew putting all of these things together. At least he put his crackers in a box instead of putting them on the floor. So funny!

He has 2 green chairs from Ikea that go with a little table that he eats at, his squishy ball, favorite cardboard tubes that something I bought came in, and this little Christmas box that he got in nursery that he loves to put things in. What a great way to watch Little Einsteins.

He thinks it's really fun to come and look at the pics of himself after I take them and got his pillow to lay by me. It's hard capturing real smiles of his as he does his silly squinty eye cheese grin at me all the time.

He got a little silly and climbed onto the couch and then onto our coffee table that we use as a side table for now. He jumped from that into our rocking chair (his 2nd favorite place to be) and I caught the action. Also, see said silly squinty eye cheese grin. He does lay like this across the rocking chair quite often to watch his shows. How that is comfortable is beyond me. I guess little bodies are more malleable than us old parents!

He loves this little push cart that has two storage places and you never know what you'll find in there. He loves to run around the house pushing this everywhere. He stopped for a moment to keep watching Little Einsteins.

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