Monday, March 02, 2009

Our lime tree

We planted a lime tree last Spring and Jordan took a really great picture of it the other day. He thought it was a regular lime tree when he bought it and only after getting it home did he realize that it was a key lime tree. All I know is once it starts sprouting real limes we can use I need an automatic juicer as those limes are teeny tiny.

We are quite surprised that it has thrived given our little knowledge of gardening. We are going to attempt to plant a small garden this spring in a raised box planter garden. We're hoping to at least do a few items like cilantro, tomatoes, and some jalapeno peppers. We are working on our research now on what will work here in the heat.

Anyways, just a quick layout I did today of our cute lime tree. It was quite easy working with a really great pic. I love our new camera!

I also am so close to finishing my baby book so I'll be sharing that too. My favorite scrapbook store that I haven't been to in ages since I mostly do digital gives me 20% off my whole purchase one time in my birthday month. I've been too busy this whole month and so finally squeezed in a visit late on Saturday night (just like me to wait until the last possible moment). My good friend Kris went too and helped urge my spending. :) I found some really cute papers and the album turned out really well. So excited to finally get it done. Hoping to finish this weekend. I just need to find some acetate that is buried somewhere in my scrapbook room to finish it off.

I also am going to make my boss a wedding album. She's getting married the day after my scheduled c-section. I really wanted to try and make her wedding but the date I picked for my c-section was the best one to work with my parents schedule, the Dr's schedule, and Jordan's work schedule. I know she understands.


Jay S said...

I should put you in touch with April's sister. She got her degree in landscape design and worked in Phoenix doing that. She knows what grows and when to plant, etc.

kris said...

Glad I was there to be a rotten influence on you!:) This page turned out awesome!