Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chicken and Mushroom Bake

Last year Jordan gave me the Rachael Ray magazine for Christmas which I love, love, love! He didn't renew this year but it keeps coming so I keep enjoying it.

I found a recipe in the most recent copy that sounded yummy so I made it last night. Really yummy and I think it will go into our rotation. It is a perfect recipe for using leftover chicken especially from a rotesserie. I simmered and shredded some chicken breasts since we don't currently have any chicken left over from anything.

Pretty easy and the only substitution I made was chicken broth for the marsala wine. I think next time I'll add 1 more container (for a total of 18 oz) of fresh mushrooms only because we both love mushrooms and I would have loved to have eaten more. The fresh parsley adds a nice freshness to the dish. I'm taking to work for lunch today-yum!


Also, yesterday I got the news that my C-Section has been moved from 8:30 in the morning to 7:00 am on April 10th. We have to be there by 5 which means we have to leave here by 4:20 which means I have to get up at 3:30 to get ready to go. I'll definitely be ready for a nap by the time all of you are getting ready to head to work or are at work. We're excited though and that just means we get to meet our daughter sooner.

Also, a shout out to my brother-in-law Carl who arrives tomorrow for some Suns/Spring Training games with Jordan. They are going to at least 1 game a day Wed-Sat. I think Jordan's excited to spend time with Carl, to get time away from the office, and to have a bit of a break before this baby comes. We're pretty close to having the old office changed to a guest bedroom and I just need to put away my crap on my scrap table. It'll be nice to have a guest bedroom again in the coming months with the visitors we'll be having.


Bitter Larry said...

Actually, I think it auto-renewed. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Em said...

We're excited to meet your baby!

kris said...

Racheal does have some great recipes...I wish I had as much enthusiasm as you two do when it comes to cooking :)

Heather said...

Good to know you still have a guest room, heeeheee! Enjoy the action with Carl!