Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

I was really hoping we could skip this stage in Matthew's development, but as of yesterday we've officially joined the why stage of a toddler's life. I don't mind the 1st or 2nd why, but when I've already explained the answer and then he keeps asking why 3 or 4 more times I find it annoying. I guess it's good because he's wants to learn more about his life around him, but does every question I answer need to lead to another?

"That's dangerous Matthew" Why? "Because you could pull that big chair on your head and hurt yourself" Why? "Because the chair is heavy" Why? Why? Why?

I actually reversed it back on him today and started asking why back and he told me to stop it. I said exactly, it's annoying isn't it Matthew?

My patience is non existent right now anyways and this might just drive me a bit insane. I'm just hoping we have enough for him to do these last 2 weeks so I don't go crazy. I've bought a couple of fun activities for him to do while we are in hospital with Grandma & Grandpa and his Easter Basket is filled and ready to go with some fun treats, books, and movies as more than likely I'll still be in the hospital on Easter Sunday unless my recovery goes really well (let's hope-I'd love to be home on Easter).

Wish us luck on the why long does it last?


Erica said...

Ella's in the same stage! I hope it goes away soon. I feel guilty because I'm glad that she's curious and wants to learn, but like you said, by the 4th or 5th, I usually result to "just because"! It drives me nuts! Good luck!

Jay S said...

It doesn't go away for a loooong time, although it does tone down as they get older and are able to figure more things out for themselves.

April gets mad at me because I always give them ridiculous answers. One of my favorite lines form a movie is one from "Big Fish" The father says "You fill this child's head with nonsense and still he turns out perfectly fine."

They will ask, why does that work like that and I will say "There are little miniature men in there turning wheels to make it go" They don't really believe me but it's fun making things up.

Em said...

Blake is still in that stage, only he asks questions no one on earth could begin to answer!