Saturday, March 14, 2009

Krispy Kreme Adventures

Ahh...the smell of that place just makes you want to gain weight!

I've been craving their doughnuts for about 2 months but the closest one we thought was in Mesa-too far for a measly box of doughnuts. We have discovered since that there is one in Chandler not too far from my work. Anyways, I really needed to fill this craving lately and so last night we had a great time hanging out at Krispy Kreme. Maybe longer than we expected but the goodness there-so yummy!

We went to dinner with Ray & EmmaLee in Mesa at Red Robin and next door HAPPENED to be Krispy Kreme. Well, maybe we planned it that way since they knew I wanted to get some. After dinner we headed over and made our delicious selections and walked back to the car where they discovered that they had locked all of their keys in their van. We didn't have the kids with us as EmmaLee's little sister offered to babysit so we ended up back at Krispy Kreme to track down a locksmith and hang out until he came.

I think we ate more doughnuts than we originally planned while waiting, but their deliciousness filled me with happiness. A little bit of an adventure and we got home later than expected but now we have a great story. We picked up a hat for Matthew and he wore it for about an hour while we hung out at their house. Matthew loved his "bagel" treat-ha!

I do make a mean doughnut, but once the night is over they are no good. I think my fresh ones will rival crispy creme any day. They may not look as round and beautiful but their tastiness is almost the same. And no I don't want to make a batch while pregnant, I would rather be lazy and buy myself some that come in a pretty container.

Just a reminder that yesterday was Friday the 13th so it's no coincidence that this happened and to Ray & EmmaLee who seem to have worse luck than anyone I know.

Nothing beats a hot doughnut right off the conveyor belt. Melt in your mouth ooey gooeyness!

See practically fat free!


Em said...

How many people lock their keys in the car and get rear-ended within 2 days of eachother?

Bitter Larry said...

Funny thing EmmaLee is that just that morning (the morning of the accident) I was talking to Ray about this blog post and said, "Well, at least nothing unlucky has happened so far today." Sorry! It might be my fault.