Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soon....My Last Day at Work (for awhile)

My last day in the office is next Thursday and my last day of working for 3 months is 2 weeks from today. I'm really excited to have some time off, but have a ton of things to get done before I leave. I think my boss might have a cow, but she'll manage and make it through without me. I have a lot of responsibility and take care of a lot of projects that our team does and most of what I do I've planned and will be done before I go, but there are little things that pop up here and there that I do that she is nervous that no one will know what to do.

I've been working on training manuals lately at work for my new person that reports to me, for our International team and for my team. I'm confident that everything will be in good hands while I'm off. When Matthew was born we were 2 1/2 months away from our annual convention and I was the only one working in events. I took a week off from my emails after he was born and then pretty much was back on emails and working from home. I was probably back in the office 2 afternoons a week once he was 7 weeks old. I'm so grateful that I'll have the time this time to be able to adjust to 1 toddler and newborn without the stress of work.

My babysitter is going to come in twice a week for about 4 hours to play with Matthew so I can rest with the baby and he'll love the attention from her. He really loves their family too (they live down the street from us) so I'm sure he'll go over there sometimes to play with their son that's close in age to him or they might even go swimming.

We asked Matthew last night something like if he was excited to meet his sister and he said "yep". Who knows if he understands the concept, but it will be interesting to see how he reacts.


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Oh, so close! Paisli surprised me 11 days early, so heads up just in case! You're closer than it sometimes seems. Oh wait, aren't you having a scheduled c-section? What's the date?

Keep me posted on your June plans. The house won't be done by then, but with any luck it will be livable! The floors may be plywood in the house, but if we're moved in, you'll have the whole apartment to your family!

Heather said...

Sounds like you are all ready to go. Of course you are, you always get it done. Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition!