Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grandparents & Great Grandparents

My maternal grandma is 96 and just had surgery on a blocked intestine. I guess it's a pretty simple procedure and she was in and out in no time and is recuperating in a full-time care center. I'm really hoping she can hang on until after this baby is born so we can see her this summer. I'm in no shape now to go up there if she passed away and I'll need at least 2-3 weeks after the c-section before I could even think of traveling. She's doing ok so far so I'm hoping she'll last a little longer. She is definitely one tough bird and isn't ready quite yet to give up on life even though she has demetia and doesn't always know what is going on.

My parents had to move her from the assisted living place that she was living in to this full-care center which will be great for my mom as she's the only biological child of my grandma's (she has step siblings) and most of the care has fallen on her shoulders. Grandma isn't too happy to have been moved and now has to have a roommate which currently is a 99 year old lady who loves living there. She'll have great care though and hopefully she'll adjust soon to her new digs.

Anyways, about 6 weeks after having Matthew we went to Utah to see family and both of my paternal grandparents were alive then and so I got some pics of 4 generations on my mom and dad's side. Little did we know that it would be one of the last pictures of my paternal grandma taken as she passed away suddenly that September and my Grandpa followed 6 weeks later with cancer unbeknowst to anyone (they were both in their 90's).

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know my grandparents so well since my Grandma was always with us for major holidays and my dad's parents were mainly with us as well at all the family get togethers. We used to always go see my Grandma in Myton in the summers and she had this cute little house that was fun to play at. My dad's parents had a huge backyard full of fruit trees and an amazing garden. We would often end up there in the summers to pick fruit from the trees and vege's from their gardens. My dad's mom always had Nutter Butters in her cookie jar which were my favorite. I have some really great memories of the fun times at both of their houses.

Even though Matthew won't get to know his great grandparents I know that he is building memories and has a lot of fun with his grandparents (my parents) when we visit there and they come here. They are coming right before the baby is born and Matthew is going to have so much fun with them. He calls my dad "papa" which no other grandchild has and I find it so endearing and sweet. Jordan's parents are still tied down most of the time because of my MIL's job so someday they'll get to come and visit more often.

I'm so thankful for my heritage and the pioneer stock that I come from. I'm so blessed to come from a geneology that made the decisions they did to get me here today with my family. I'm equally grateful always that Jordan's dad joined the church and that his mom was a strong member under the circumstances she had growing up. I don't think we'll ever comprehend the sacrificies that all of our heritage made and one day we'll get to thank them on the other side.

Also, Matthew is the first born of a first born (Jordan), of a first born (his mom)...going way back. Cool huh!

4 generations on each side.

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