Monday, May 26, 2008

Squishy Hugs

Me and Matthew play a game called squishy hugs. We hug each other really tight. Heather took a great pic unknown to me when she was here visiting (blog here) and I scrapped it tonight. Kris-I took the layout idea from the BH book, so thanks for letting me borrow it.

We are all doing GREAT! We love long weekends although we usually are messed up the rest of the week on what day it is. I even thought a couple of times today that it was Saturday. Matthew is recovered from his illnesses except for a slight runny nose (no ear infections-yeah) and we're just trying to finish up the yard before my parents get here next week to celebrate Matthew's birthday. I sure can't believe he'll be turning 2 a week from Saturday.

We had the rare experience of actually going on a date on Friday ALONE. We went and saw the Indiana Jones movie - which for the most part was exciting and fun. I wouldn't say I was blown away by the plot, but wow I still can remember seeing the 3rd one 19 years ago in this huge theatre in Ogden, so it was fun to see a continuance of the series. Afterwards we finally used a GC to Cheesecake Factory that I got back in December from a vendor. Between a babysitter, movie tickets, and dinner it easily would have been over $100 so it was nice to save a bit with the GC and boy was dinner yummy! Matthew didn't even cry when I left, he was said bye and waved me off, so it was even better knowing he was having fun and wasn't sad.

I'm super busy getting ready for our annual convention ~ working on logistical details with the hotel, getting all of our new merchandise ordered (over 40 new items), helping to organize all the details that are involved w/our store at the event, and getting a huge project finished that will be revealed at convention so I can't mention it yet. Things are exciting at work and I love getting to go into the office twice a week and then working from home 3 days a week. It's perfect for our family for now.

Jordan is busy, busy at work, but hopefully will die down a bit. He was working crazy hours there for awhile ~ all day at the office and then until 11 or so at night after he got home. He'll be traveling to Oregon for a 2 day trip at the end of the month so that's always a bit fun for him.

Hope everyone has a great short week. I've also included a layout that I did this weekend of Matthew's birthday party in Utah last year. It's crazy how much he's changed.


Heather said...

That squishy hug picture is great. Matthew is very photogenic, oh wait, he's just dang cute!
Happy Birthday next weekto the big boy!

kriston said...

Awesome layouts! You're becoming quite the digital scrapper! Hope you find some more good ideas in that BH book!

Turpin Times said...

Karen, this is Mindi (Nielsen) Turpin. I think Matthew is adorable. Every time I see photos of him I want to squish his cheeks. I hear from Heather all the time how cute he really is. I just wanted to tell you that! :)

Kambria Smith said...

I love your pictures! It's so fun to hear how you guys are doing...hope to see you all soon!

monica said...

Love the pages Karin! You are a creative genius. And of course, Matthew is darling. Happy Birthday!

Hyrum, Tiana and the kiddies said...

where in oregon is jordan going?

Jay S said...

I think some of the most beautiful things we ever do with our kids is come up with things that are personal and fun between us. The little games we play, the displays of affection that are ours and ours alone. They define our relationships and give us memories of affection that will last in the moments when we don't feel affectionate or connected.