Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Finale

So who watched the finale last night? If you haven't then don't read below!!! You've been warned. :)

We didn't get to watch it live as we were at a book signing for one of our friends Paul. He has been working on a fantasy series for several years and Jordan helped him get his website up and running and helped edit some early versions of the book. It was so great to see Paul's dream fulfilled and to see his book printed and finished. I know it's been a long journey for him and if anyone is persistent Paul definitely is.

We got home about 9 and got Matthew changed and into bed (he fell asleep in the car ride home) and then watched the Finale. I was really impressed with the line up of artists/bands that played last night along with the Final 12. I think it's the best finale they've had so far. I did fast forward some parts, but watched most of it.

Towards the end we only had 1 minute of taping left and I was worried it was going to cut-off before they announced the winner. I was really surprised by the outcome and a little bummed. I've been both of their fans for awhile, but really wanted our young Mormon boy to win! :)

He'll be fine though and boy does he have such an amazing voice. When he was singing with the guy ont he piano I thought he actually sang the song better and easily could have sold that song as his own. I just hope he hooks up with good writers and doesn't come out with a cheesy album.

Carrie Underwood looked amazing and wow is she so talented. I commented to Jordan that the great thing about this show is that is has produced some really talented artists. I'm sure both Davids will find their niche and be successful.

That's all for now! Let me know what you thought about AI last night.


Heather said...

I didn't like Carrie Underwood's outfit at all! That's funny. I thought she was trying too much to act like a naughty girl. But I really haven't seen her too much.
I was sad for David Archuleta, but I also think it might be a blessing as well because he still has some growing up to do, and it would be too bad if it happened too fast. I think he will still have some great opportunities. My mom said if he made an album she would buy it! I am sure lots of people would. I liked how David Cook seemed humble and grateful and was very nice to the other contestants. It has been fun to watch! Wow, that's a long comment!

Hyrum, Tiana and the kiddies said...

I actually was rooting for David Cook, but expected David A to win because whoever I want to win ends up being the runner up. I was surprised to say the least! I just really liked how talented D Cook was with the arrangement of songs. Very skilled!