Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not much is new here!

I worked at an event this past weekend and Jordan took great care of Matthew like usual. He got the yard looking spiffy as we had some weeds and dead plants in our front rock yard that needed pulling. Who knew weeds could grow in rocks? We've just been working and getting ready to enjoy the long weekend soon!

So who watched American Idol? I did!! This was one of the only times this season that I watched it on the actual night it played. David Archuleta was amazing! I did my part and voted as much as I could. I think I got less than 10 votes in for DA so hopefully that's a good sign. He was on point tonight and all of his performances were perfect and really moved me. I SO hope he wins! Guess we'll see tomorrow.

Just a few layouts I've been working on lately. I was up until 1:30 on Monday night and I'm still up at almost 1 am on Wednesday morning. I'm crazy! The only time I can create is after Matthew goes to bed, so I'm usually in here at my computer late.

Matthew with us at the park last May. We have a little park across the street, but this is the big community park not too far from here. Maybe we'll take an adventure there this weekend!

This was the Sunday that Matthew got stitches. We took pictures of his eye so he could prove he had them at 18 months! :). Life is always an adventure with Matthew~that's for sure!

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