Friday, May 02, 2008

Matthew update part deux...and another layout

Matthew's doing much better and the nebulizer seems to be doing the trick. Just don't try and share (ie take) any of his food now a days. He tells you "back" and points at your mouth. When you can't produce said food back there is much crying and nashing of teeth.

My re-root canal went great as can be. The Ondontist was superb and found that the problem was the guy who did the original root canal (10 years ago) missed a root-what an idiot. No wonder my tooth was killing me. I just love how they make you wait FOREVER in a cold room with no TV (seriously what tooth doctor does not have one of these?) and I also loved that they stretched my mouth out with a thick wire w/a rubber contraption connected. I think most of my soreness today is from that thing. Let's just hope this feels better real soon. Advil is a good friend to me.

I can't resist sharing my new passion of digital scrapbooking. I scrapped an old pic of Matthew today. He was seriously such a cute baby. Maybe because he didn't want to come down and out the shoot and get squished so he was lifted out of the old oven.

Anyways, cute pic from the hospital almost 2 years ago!

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LKC said...

Karin! You have to email me more info on this digital scrapbooking. I'm very interested. You are so creative!