Sunday, May 04, 2008

Little Buds

My friend Heather who I grew up with in Kaysville, UT has a boy about 10.5 months younger than Matthew. They came to visit in March and suprisingly Matthew was really great with James and let him play with his toys and even cried when I dropped them off at the airport. You can read about my blog here. Anyways, I scrapped a pic today of the two of them together when James was about a month and a half old and it was the morning of Matthew's first birthday.

Matthew has always had this great smile of his since he was a baby and great big shining eyes that light up. I love this pic of them together. Heather, let me know if you want this page and I'll email it to you or I can upload to Costco and you can get it printed.

BTW-I did not create the look of this layout on my own. I was doing a tutorial and this is pretty much the page they planned and I created while doing the tutorial. I added my own elements like the little round tags that say M (for Matthew) and J (for James), the snaps, the photo corner, and decided to do little buds for my title instead of whatever their title was.

We've really tried to get our house more organized and clean this weekend as it's gone a bit to pot since we've been fighting sickness and Jordan has been working insane hours. Matthew was getting ready to take a shower w/Jordan yesterday and so he was naked. He ran away and then squatted and peed on the floor. A first in our house and once again so thankful we have a green bissell that can clean up the mess super quick. It has saved our lives more than once and one of the best tools we've purchased since Matthew was born.

On another note he did tell Jordan that he needed to go pee pee this morning while in the tub and then promptly peed again. I'm hoping he's starting to understand what that feeling means. One can be hopeful right? Who knows when the best time to start potty training is, but I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later! I really need to go get him his own potty.


Heather said...

Karin..I would love the page! You can just email it to me,and then I can print it at Costco. Thanks! You are so talented.

Glad to hear Matthew is feeling better. I'm sure you'll get that potty-training thing figured out, and when you do, I'll be calling!

Jay S said...

I think they should issue a Little Green with every baby born. We have loved ours as well!! They make the middle of the night pukings a bit more tolerable and the other little accidents that happen along the way