Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter.....and our March goings on

We've had quite a busy March. I was out of town on a work cruise for 9 days (Feb 29-March 9). Jordan did a great job holding down the fort and being a single dad. I got home late on Sunday and suffered from motion sickness/vertigo for about a week. My friend Heather (we grew up together) and her husband Michael and their son James came to visit us on March 14th and we had a great time going to spring training baseball, eating out, shopping, and letting Matthew and James play together. It was so great having them here and we hope they had a great time. The pics below are from Heather's blog - she took some great ones!

We were a bit worried about Matthew and his sharing skills, but he did really good with James and cried when they left.

Two little boys naked as can be getting ready for bathtime.

They had just woken up from naps and wouldn't sit still to take a pic so I scooped them up and took a pic with them. It was St. Patrick's and Jordan was the only one that didn't wear green.

James loved the grass in our backyard and didn't cry at all.

Loving our squishness.

I took them to the airport the morning of the 18th and then dropped Matthew off to daycare and went to work. After work we did laundry and packed as I headed up to Utah after work on the 19th with Matthew for a work trip which we extended through to the weekend. My parents watched Matthew on Thursday while I went to visit some vendors for a big project I'm working on. I picked up Jordan from the airport afterwards on Thursday. My niece and nephew came over Thursday night for a sleepover and helped entertain Matthew Friday while I was visiting some more vendors and Jordan was working from my parents. They colored Easter eggs and went to the Layton park to feed the ducks. Although Matthew I guess ate more bread than he fed the ducks!

It was really fun hanging out with family as we don't get up to Utah as much as we would like and it's even better when work paid for my plane ticket. Friday night we went over to my sister's and played Rock Band with their family and my brother and sister-in-law. It's great when we play as Matthew can be as loud as he wants to be. He even was pretending to sing and rock out and cracked me and my sister up. He was closing his eyes and tilting his head back. I so wish I had a picture, hilarious.

Saturday, Jordan and I went to the temple on a well overdue trip. I got sick in January when my whole family went so it was nice to finally get to go. It's hard getting away on the weekends especially since we/I have been traveling so much. We picked up Taco Time (my favorite - crisp bean burritos) on the way home and changed and then headed to Horton Hears a Who with my parents and met my oldest sister, my brother-in-law, my niece and her son, and my sister's grandkids (are they my grand niece and nephew?). Anyways, it was cute - not up to par with Pixar movies but pretty cute. Matthew did pretty good and just got restless at the end. We came back and ate dinner and then just hung out since all of us (me especially) were tired. My sister Laura came over and played with Matthew who of course stayed up way too late!

Sunday we went to Laura's ward for sacrament and then came home and packed up. Around 2:30 everyone that came over showed up. We had about 18 people. Not all the siblings came as they were doing things with their families. My mom does an annual Easter Egg hunt with plastic eggs with $5 bills inside so it was fun going outside to find them. Everyone gave Matthew their empty eggs for him to put in his Easter basket. We had hid the colored real eggs around the house earlier in the morning so he definitely figured out how the Easter egg hunt worked. So cute!

We had a great time and hopefully things will settle down a bit. It's been so crazy around here with my being gone so much. Jordan has been a trooper putting up with me and my crazy work schedule. I have some really fun work projects in the works so it's exciting seeing things evolve and finally get the go ahead to do projects that I wanted to get started on 3 years ago when I started at Isagenix. Jordan will be posting pics later from the weekend.


kriston said...

I like the squishy picture with Karin and Matthew!
See you guys this weekend!

Heather said...

Are you kidding me? We had a fabulous time, and we can't wait to visit again. I will be remembering that guacamole for many many days (not to mention the ice cream, beans and rice, etc. etc...). Thanks for the great visit!

LKC said...

I love the little bums. So cute!