Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here come the 1,2,3s.....1-2-3

Playhouse Disney sometimes plays cute little music videos in between their shows. I kept hearing this cute song about zeros and noticed one day that it was by They Might Be Giants. I ordered the CD from Amazon and we've been listening to it for the last month or so. Matthew really loves it and it came as a CD/DVD combo so now he asks for "songs" when he wants to listen or watch it.

I wanted to expand our "Children's" song collection as I'm getting a little tired of the 1,2,3s. I got an Amazon giftcard for my birthday and hadn't used it yet and decided to go find some more music the other day with my card. I picked up Here Comes the A,B,Cs by They Might Be Giants, Juice Box Heros by Imagination Movers and Catch that Train by Dan Zane and friends. Imagination Movers are kindof a rock band for kids and Dan Zane is more of a folky, groovy kind of feel.

We definitely listen to his music as we're driving to/from work/daycare twice a week so this should be fun and give us more variety. He throws less fits and is pretty good when his music is playing. If you have little kids and need some more music I can vouch for the They Might Be Giants CD/DVD's and I'll let you know how the Imagination Movers and Dan Zane go.

On another note: It's been a tough week accident/health wise for Matthew. He was playing on our bed the other day and did a cheek plant right on the end of our footboard so now he has a bruise line on his face. It's so weird. Matthew caught a cold again and was sounding pretty yucky yesterday cough wise so Jordan took him to our urgent care in Maricopa and found out he had a pretty bad infection in one ear and the other ear also had the start of an infection. I was really surprised because he hadn't been acting too grouchy lately. He had been poking his ear a little bit but not all the time. He's now on ANOTHER round of antibiotics which I HATE!!! After he gets done with his treatment I'm going to take him to the doctor to see if he is going to need tubes or not. I just don't want to have his system immune to antibiotics and this is probably around his 6th time since he was born.

We're off to a crazy week as I have an event this weekend so I'm pretty busy with work, I have book club on Tuesday night and bunco on Thursday night. Jordan is doing the single dad thing on Friday and Saturday. I definitely couldn't do my job without his support and help with Matthew so a big thanks to Jordan!


Jay S said...

Try Tony Bennet's kids CD called "The Playground" We love that one. I think I may have given Jordan the MP3s once.

Brent said...

So that is where your yahoo name came from. Awesome!