Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We went to this beautiful beach in Costa Rica called Manuel Antonio (view blog here). They have two sections, a public beach and a state park side. We opted to pay to go into the state park as no vendors are allowed over there and the beach is cleaner. It was so beautiful. The water was warm and beautiful, the beach was so nice, and we got to see critters such as monkeys and raccoons TRY to steal our food. So fun! Anyways, we took this pic as we were leaving the park and I decided to scrap it last night. I'm not scrapping in any order and just what suits my fancy or if I want to do certain pics or use certain elements.


kriston said...

great job!

Dick&Erica said...

I got Richard the Electric Flour Tortilla Press from tortillacocina.com He's made them twice now and they are fabulous. We're still looking for a great recipe, but the texture and thinness is perfect.

Anonymous said...

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