Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 10 Progress

Workout wise this week:
5/1: Elliptical - 42 min. and 400 calories burned
5/2: Day of Rest
5/3: Free Motion Machine - 45 min. and 500 calories burned
5/4: Free Motion Machine - 40 min. and 450 calories burned
5/5: Free Motion Machine - 48 min. and 500 calories burned
5/6: Free Motion Machine - 47 min. and 510 calories burned
5/7: Treadmill - 37 min. and 300 calories burned

Took the kids with me on Monday again and Isabelle had a melt down so I was called in with 12 min. left in my workout. I got her settled down and finished my workout. I love the Free Motion Machine because it doesn't hurt my knees. My knees really hurt after the treadmill and even the Elliptical machine lately so I try to avoid them when I can.

Diet Wise:
I just got my new cookbooks and am excited to try some new things this week. We did a lot of basic chicken with vegetables this week.

It was a tough week for me overall. There is lots of stress going on at work so I worked late most of the week which means I got to the gym and subsequently home late. It's hard when you don't get you see your kids much in the evening and then the mother guilt kicks in. Good thing my will was stronger than my brain this week because I probably wouldn't have worked out much since I was tired from work. I'm glad I did it though because inevitably I always felt better afterwards.

Results: 2 pounds. Overall 26 pounds. 38 to go.

So close to 30 pounds and can't wait until my weight loss is higher than what the amount is to go.


Darin said...

Have you tried glucosamine/chodroitin for your knees? Whenever I start working out, my knees always kill and this stuff works wonders. I got a large bottle of it at Costco named Move Free Advanced.

Jen said...

You are wonder woman! Keep it up

Sara said...

Keep it up, Karin... you're doing awesome!