Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Waterbottle

I met this Associate while at our NY event that works for Precor that makes my favorite workout machine (btw-only costs $8k). We talked for awhile and I told him I loved the new machine and he told me he wanted to send me some stuff. Lots of Associates say this and really I was thinking he would only send me some literature which I would be happy for as well. It's been about a month and I thought maybe he wasn't really sending me anything and lo and behold a pkg was at my desk when I returned from my 2 back to back May events. Inside were 2 NICE hand towels to use at the gym, 2 Precor T's, and 1 Camelbak waterbottle. It's my new favorite thing. It's so cool and instead of tipping it you bite it and suck the water. I love that it seals out germs from the sucking tube and that I don't have to tip my head to drink my water while at the gym. I swear I have drank even more water that usual lately just because it's so fun to use.

Just something else to help my workout be fun and I thought I'd share one of my new favs! Happy working out everyone!!!

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