Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 9 Progress

Workout wise this week:
4/24: Treadmill - 47 min. and 450 calories burned
4/25: Day of Rest
4/26: Free Motion Machine - 47 min. and 500 calories burned
4/27: Free Motion Machine - 37 min. and 400 calories burned
4/28: Free Motion Machine - 46 min. and 500 calories burned
4/29: Free Motion Machine - 35 min. and 400 calories burned
4/30: Treadmill - 46 min. and 450 calories burned

I took the day off on Monday and ran errands with the kids and then took them to the gym where they could play while I was working out. I love getting my workout done during the day. Interesting things I've seen lately while working out. While in NJ I saw a man in his work shoes on the treadmill, another day a girl wearing Uggs, and then yesterday there was a wedding going on at our clubhouse and the bride wore purple. Working out is not only good for your body and heart but you can also have the pleasure of witnessing odd things happen. :)

Diet Wise:
Trying to stay within 1400-1600 calories a day. I just ordered 2 new cookbooks that have low-calorie meals. Can't wait for them to arrive on Tuesday as I'm running out of ideas for dinners. Both had great reviews on Amazon so we'll see how they are. We did try some Spinach Lasagna rolls that only had 190 calories each. They were really good and we had some on the side with chicken.

Results: 1 pound. Overall 24 pounds. 40 to go.

Bummed that I didn't get to 25, but it's still weight loss. I think I'm going to do some lower calorie and higher calorie days back to back and see if that can't trick my body into shedding more weight this week. We only have 8 weeks to go and I really want to get to 45 pds.

Side Note: Isabelle weighs 20 pds today and Matthew 37. He wanted to see what I weighed and Jordan told him I probably didn't want everyone to see that number just yet. I'm getting there, but will share once I get to my goal weight.

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Keep up the good work!