Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 11 & 12 Progress

I am combining 2 weeks together as I was at 2 events back to back and worked 14 days straight. Boy was I exhausted by the time our 2 events were over. On top of this someone that worked for me quit so I was doing 1/2 his job + mine. The events were great, we got someone hired for the job that reports to me and our household is almost back to normal.

Workout wise the past two weeks:
5/8: Treadmill - 40 min. and 400 calories burned
5/9: Day of Rest
5/10: Free Motion Machine - 35 min. and 400 calories burned
5/11: Free Motion Machine - 45 min. and 500 calories burned (at event)
5/12: Walked probably 5 miles - I counted that as my workout for the day (at event)
5/13: Treadmill - 40 min. and 400 calories burned (at event)-went at 5:30 in the morning
5/14: Elliptical - 35 min. and 300 calories burned (at event)
5/15: Elliptical - 30 min. and 250 calories burned (at event)
5/16: Day of Rest
5/17: Free Motion Machine - 47 min. and 450 calories burned
5/18: Treadmill - 38 min. and 405 calories burned
5/19: Took the kids for a walk for 45 min. around our community - 200 calories burned (cleansing)
5/20: Free Motion Machine - 42 min. and 450 calories burned
5/21: Treadmill - 30 min. and 400 calories burned

It's been a struggle lately wanting to exercise. I'm so tired some days, but am committed to this challenge. I just need to remind myself that I always feel great after exercising and the payoff on the scale is worth it. It was really tough a few days while at the events. I couldn't go as long as I wanted because my feet were literally burning after walking/standing all day. I figured I walked a lot while at the event and the little I did on the cardio machines was better than nothing.

Diet Wise:
So hard while at events to know what you are consuming calorie wise. I ate small portions and just did the best I could. I'm so glad it's Saturday so we can plan next week's menu and go to the store today. We've been winging it this week which has been ok, but I like to know what we're doing every day.

Results: 4 pounds. Overall 30 pounds. 34 to go.

Wow is all I can say! I can't believe I'm at 30 pounds weight loss. We have 5 weeks left of the challenge so I'm really going to push myself this next month as I want to get to 42-45 pounds by the end of the challenge. Also, excited to be almost halfway there to my goal. Yay me!

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Bitter Larry said...

You know I am very proud of you... tons of hard work.