Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons 2010

Awww...summer is close at hand in Arizona. The temps are in the 90's-100's already and the water is heating up. We have done swimming lessons with a friend of mine from Bunco the last two years and Matthew's last day was today. He did so well and is swimming, but still needs to work on having strong swimming arms rather than bat arms. We did a 6 pm class the last two weeks that worked out well for our work schedule, but got chilly for the kids towards the end of class. All their little teeth were chattering every time by the end. She always gives them a treat at the end of class and she only had licorice the first time which Matthew doesn't like. She was so nice and went and got tootsie rolls which he loves. It was cute all but 1 girl picked the tootsie rolls as their treat today.

Miss Sonny can always get Matthew to giggle! Just tell Matthew not to smile when he's grumpy and eventually can't help himself but smile.

Getting "washed" (ie. getting wet and ready to swim).

They pretended they were on safari and what animal did they see to get away from? Matthew said a whale dinosaur the first time and by the end of the 2 weeks all the kids were picking dinosaurs. Hilarious!

Back floats. Matthew can float but is a little scared of floating on his own.

Matthew told all the kids to get their keyboards and type. The day before when Jordan took him I guess he was having the kids try and act like they had mouses and that he was the computer game. Seriously, where does he get this imagination?

Swimming through hoops.

Doing "kabooms". Matthew told me the first day that he wasn't scared of doing kabooms. Every day he wouldn't jump in by himself so he's still a little scared to do it on his own. We'll work on being brave and jumping to me in the pool this summer.

After kabooms they all got a ride back to shore.

Matthew's "smile" for me. The best he could while freezing. I always brought a change of clothes so he wouldn't have to ride home wet.

So proud of Matthew and what he accomplished in 8 short lessons. Miss Sonny was so patient with him and is a really good teacher! Here is to a GREAT summer of swimming.

BTW-I took most of these pics sitting away on the side with my zoom lens so Matthew wouldn't really notice that I was there. I REALLY love my camera.


Jen said...

This reminds me of taking swim lessons at the Walkers pool. We always had early morning lessons. I would be freezing as we waited at the side of the pool, but toasty once I got in. The Walkers always kept their pool really warm.

Flwrgirl said...

I loved swimming lessons and looked forward to those 2 weeks every year. Their pool was so warm!