Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jumpy Slide

I've posted a few pictures and comments on facebook lately about our jumpy slide we bought this week. At Matthew's last day of school his teacher had this cool jumpy slide and Matthew was having a blast. I took one look and knew we needed to track it down and find one so that Matthew, Isabelle and our sitter Amy would have something to do this summer. Amy can't take both of the kids to the pool on her own and this is perfect to use while Isabelle is taking a nap. Another bonus is that is wears Matthew out and he can get out his pentup energy. We have used it everyday so far at least once and sometimes twice a day. Matthew loves it and Isabelle likes to wade around in the pool part. I took these pictures on Thursday when I took the day off and Isabelle was taking a nap.

I think we're going to use it for Matthew's birthday and we have friends coming down tonight to use it and have a BBQ. I think this might be one of our best investments for the summer. Matthew already has an awesome farmers tan from his rash shirt and shorts. He is getting so dark and we even use sunscreen like crazy.

I love this shot of Matthew. He is so full of life in everything he does.

Fully blown-up. It only takes 2 minutes to blow up and then the fan stays on the whole time you're playing. We are going to move it further into the corner and just leave it there for the summer. The grass is crappy in the summer anyways and will probably just die in that corner-oh well.

Matthew is always inventing one game or another. We played various games with the basketball since I'm over the pound limit and can't go down the slide (but not for long!).

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Kari said...

That looks so fun and Matthew looks so happy! Thanks for posting the pics!