Monday, March 01, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

We have a yearly weight loss challenge at work and the winner gets $5,000. This is it's 4th year in a row so after having Isabelle I knew I needed to get to work, but didn't do anything about it.

The challenge officially started on February 16th, but the person weighing in and keeping track of everything couldn't get me in until last Thursday because so many people signed up for the challenge.

We knew this was coming and Jordan gave me a GC to Foot Locker and a new iPod Nano (in pink-so cute!) for my birthday to get me going. I went and purchased new shoes on Thursday evening and new workout clothes on Friday. I am determined to improve myself and win this challenge.

So far, so good. I worked out Friday, Saturday, and today before Jordan left for work. It's pretty slow going and I'm achey but I'm hoping in 2 weeks I'll be back in the groove. I got in pretty good shape while in London, and was getting there before I got pregnant with Isabelle.

Calories wise I'm doing the Isagenix program (where I work) which is 2 shakes a day + 1 meal of 400-600 calories and then nutritionally cleansing once a week. I'm not doing bad so far. Jordan found these Strawberry waters from Fresh & Easy that help curb the sugar or snack cravings until the next meal time.

I'm signing up at a local gym tomorrow (working from home today) and will start going there mostly after work and sometimes before. We have friends that belong so I'll probably meet up with them sometimes after work. They have spinning classes, zumba, rock climbing, and then the usual workout equipment. My work reimburses up to $24 a month so it won't cost me much beyond the reimbursement.

Wish me luck in finally getting back in shape after having 2 kids. I am determined to win the challenge, get the real me back and feel good in the process. I'll post about my progress.


Jen said...

What a great challenge to be a part of. Good Luck! When you join the gym I strongly recommend the classes. It really helps to have someone forcing you to work harder and burn more calories.

Em said...

Good Luck! Ray is doing that program at work, and I am determined to get back in shape too!

Heather said...

You go girl!