Monday, March 15, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2 Progress

This week was a little challenging due to being at a work event from Thursday-Sunday. I was so stressed on Thursday that I wasn't going to get my workout in as we kept working later and later. I pushed my boss though and finally got out of there at 8 pm and then headed up to the hotel gym (which was really nice!).

Another thing I did to keep me on track was take my blender (it's made by Isagenix and looks more like the bullet brand) and shake with me so I could make my shakes in the morning and later in the evening after my workouts.

Workout wise I did this week:
-3/7-Nothing, day of rest
-3/8-I was going to go to our community gym, but Jordan unexpectedly needed me to take him to the dealership to pick up our Santa Fe that was fixed for a few minor problems. My gym is just across the street so Matthew came with me and went to the kids play area and Jordan took Isabelle home. Did the Elliptical.
-3/9-I was going to go to Pilates, but forgot my gym bag-argghhh! I went to our community gym and did the elliptical. It was also voting day and they use our club house as a voting place so I was acosted while in my workout clothes-nice!
-3/10 Met my friend Kari at the gym and I did the Elliptical and also the Yoga 101 class. Man is my flexibility lame.
-3/11 I did 30 min. on the Elliptical at the Hyatt gym.
-3/12 Did minor exercising
-3/13 Treadmill for 15 min. doing 1 min of run and 3 min of walking. I then did 30 min. of the elliptical.

Diet wise:
Staying within my 1200 calorie limit with 2 shakes or 1 shake/1 bar a day + 1 meal. I ate Friday lunch and then went out Friday night at Hard Rock. Man is that place full of calories. They don't have any nutritional information and the best I could find was a chicken salad with a citrus vinegarette that was pretty healthy. All in all I did pretty well considering I was out of my routine and couldn't completely control everything.

Results: 3 pounds.

I really wanted 4-5 pounds, but considering I was at an event for 4 days and didn't have full control and did the best I could I'm happy that I still lost weight. Still motivated and looking forward to working out this afternoon at the gym after I take Matthew to the pediatrician. Can't wait for the Pilates class and I'll probably go back to Yoga 101 again.

I CAN do this!
I WILL do this!
I AM so proud of myself for getting it in my head to finally be dedicated to get the results I want.


Heather said...

Keep up the good work MissY!

LKC said...

Wow, Karin! I'm so impressed. Keep blogging about this. It is motivating to me!