Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1 Progress

So it's been a week. My motivation is still in full swing. I have felt like I'm getting there work-out wise. I'm sore and achey but feeling really good.

Workout wise I did last/this week:
-2/26: Pilates at home (DVD's I've had forever that are finally getting some use)
-2/27: Elliptical for 25 min.
-3/1: Elliptical for 20 min, bike for 10 min.
-3/2: Elliptical for 30 min. - Signed up for gym
-3/3: Spin Class - almost died! :) - don't spin your first week back on the horse
-3/4: Pilates at home - could feel it at work on Friday
-3/5: Elliptical for 30 min.
-3/6: Yogalates for 1 hr, elliptical for 30 min.

Diet wise:
Staying strong on the Isagenix program. My cleanse day was super easy. I've had a few cheats here and there, but not much.

Yesterday we had this new gym in the area come in and I know the Owner from something we worked on at Isagenix together. He had this machine that with infared light could tell you your body composition. I really didn't want to do it, but did. It was a terrible result, but at least I know where I am now, have a goal I'm working towards, and he offered to do it again in 30 days to see my progress. I keep telling myself that I can't beat myself up for getting here, but just keep focusing on the goal and where I want to be. I'll share results when I feel more confidence and after I've improved.

Results of week 1: 6 pound weight loss

I am seriously so excited and proud of myself and almost in disbelief. When I weighed myself this morning I was nervous there would be no change and couldn't believe the number. When I was in London, I so wish I would have had Isagenix. I was eating ok, but we weren't counting calories or watching super closely our food intake. I would have a 1-2 pd weight loss in a week and I was working out 1-1.5 hrs every day and remember feeling VERY frustrated. Now I know I just didn't adjust what I was eating and that would have made the difference.

I'm feeling good!
I'm so proud of myself!
I CAN do this!!!


Darin said...

I'm so impressed! Congrats on the progress so far. I'm interested in knowing more about this Isagenix program. Darin has been trying to diet for months and I now am very motivated to get rid of my baby weight. Keep up the good work-- you are amazing.

Heather said...

Way to go girl! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good work, I'm so proud of you. Love ya lots, Mom.

Jen said...

Amazing results! That first week number will really help keep you motivated.

Sam and Brent said...

That's awesome! You are living proof that you can do it without Bob and Jillian. Keep up the great work!!

Jay said...

Awesome stuff Karin! Tough to get started sometimes but once you make it a habit it really takes off. April and I just finished week 9 of P90X and every day feels like an accomplishment.

Best of luck to you as you keep this going!

kris said...

Good luck!