Monday, March 08, 2010

Calorie Counter

So I found a new friend to help me keep track of every single calorie I'm consuming. It's called the calorie counter. I found it while searching for how to figure out how many calories my recipes are producing.

This website is so great - let me tell you the reasons why...
1-I can log my exact calories
2-I can type in my recipes and it will figure out my calorie count
3-I can log my exercise activity
4-I can find recipes others have submitted that have low calorie counts too

It's quite eye-opening when you really figure out the reality of what you are consuming/burning.

I am here to change my life but not deprive it. I can make wiser decisions but still eat great tasting food. Changes won't be permanent if they aren't things you can sustain for life. That is why diets never work.

The other way I've been educating myself lately is finding out what the calorie count is of meals at restaurants we go to. Most restaurants have the calorie information somewhere on their website and if they don't they will have to by the end of 2010, and you'll be able to request at the restaurant.

We went to Olive Garden on Friday with friends and beforehand I perused their menu and figured out 5 things that had the calorie count I could handle. I used to love the Chicken Parmesan or Chicken but at 1050 calories on just the meal, not including the salad (350 per serving) or breadsticks (60 per breadstick) I can't afford right now that luxury. I got the Salmon and broccoli instead. It was really good and I felt satisfied.

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dan and ashley said...

that freaked me out when i started this too. it makes you think about what you put in your mouth! i need to see #s