Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'll be updating my progress tomorrow. I'm trying to do it every Saturday, but I was at an event from Thursday and got home today.

It's so much easier to control my calories when I know exactly the content of what I am eating. I had to guess at the amounts and calories in everything that I ate at our staff meals. It's also pretty tempting to eat lunch and dinner when they are provided but I did really good and only had 1 cheat day where I ate both lunch and dinner.

I did pretty good on my exercise and went to the hotel gym on Thursday night and Saturday night. I was going to do Pilates in my room after going out with a vendor for dinner on Friday night, but my laptop wouldn't play the video-so lame!

I ended up doing some sit-ups and some things that I remembered from the video, but it was a lame workout day.

We'll see what the scale says tomorrow and I'll report promptly!

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